Yasmin paige craig roberts dating advice

Yasmin paige craig roberts dating advice

Submarine is an honest, and often hilarious, look at teen angst. They all have problems relevant to them and their situation but most boil down to fitting in, finding their place and learning to make decisions as their world is becoming larger and larger.

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He'll mention that if his life were a movie the camera would pull back and up into an aerial shot, for instance, and of course that's just what the camera does. Oliver has rather eclectic, and mature for his age, tastes. He is not doing it to be mean to the girl in question but to impress the others involved in doing the teasing.

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The quirkiness is present in the use of title cards and Oliver's narration. He stumbles and gets back up. Essentially, all teenagers are the same. You have to wear jackets to the beach.

When he learns about Jordana's mother's illness, he doesn't react well, being more concerned with his own problems than hers, he avoids going to the hospital on the day her mother is due for surgery. It's these flaws that make him seem more real rather than any kind of ideal. There is something in Oliver that all men can relate to. We don't want to be in the dark, being fiddled with. Oliver never states it but he clearly worries about turning out like his dad.

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Oliver is a teenage boy in Wales who hasn't figured out where he fits in yet. He even sends his mother a note, pretending it is from his dad, which suggests they have sex. Submarine doesn't exactly beat a new path in the much trampled ground of the coming-of-age story but it does offer an honest, touching, and often amusing hike through the experience. Often Oliver is very self aware of his own life as if narrating a movie about his own life story.

Oliver never states it butIt's these flaws that