Windows Live Mail 2011 For Windows 7

Choose the option which you want. Tab to the Next button, and press it. Press the G key till you get to Graphics - Labeled. Send yourself an email, and then reply to that email.

Windows live mail 2011 for windows 7Windows live mail 2011 for windows 7

The Quick Access Toolbar is a short toolbar, and takes up a small part of the left hand end of the title bar. For example, you could create a rule that moved all incoming messages from a certain person to a Folder that you'd created for that person's messages. The Options button gives you yet more options. You just have to ensure that you export using a format that the email program on the other computer knows how to import. For edit boxes and combo boxes, some of the keystrokes or interacting with them are also used for navigating the menus.

By default, this is current selected folder. Type the letter g, and then press down arrow till you get to Graphics - Labeled. Rule description edit box, which contains a description of the rule selected in the list view. Instead you can use the Quick search edit box, which provides a more powerful alternative.

There are then sections on using the access keys of the controls in the ribbon, and on first character navigation. In this guide, these pieces of information will be referred to as message headers, and the message itself as the message body. The Add a Contact dialog opens on its Quick Add page. Safe Senders list If you receive a message from someone who's on your safe senders list, then even if the Junk E-mail filter thinks it's junk, it won't be moved to your Junk E-mail folder. The following sections describe selecting messages, tasks, sorting messages, and Conversations.

Windows live mail 2011 for windows 7

See the Customizing the Folder tree section of the Customizing section of this guide. Whether or not a ribbon is minimized can be set using the Minimize the ribbon option which appears on the context menu of all the controls of a ribbon. When you type text into the Quick search box, then the list no longer shows all the contacts and categories, it only shows those that match the text which you've typed in. It opens an Apply mail rules now dialog.

To simplify the navigation in the main window in the Contacts view, you may want to hide the preview pane. This contains messages that you saved from a new message window to send later. Note that on the Message tab, in the Respond group, there is a Forward split button. The focus within the window is unchanged, but there is now an Attachments list between the Subject and message body edit boxes, and in this list you can move between items by using the arrow keys.

The Type Specific Words dialog open. This contains items which may be of use if you have more than one email account. In the Message list, information about a message such as whether it is unread, or if it has any attachments is indicated by small graphics. There are two versions of this dialog, and which one you get depends on exactly how you open it. In Windows Live Mail, there is the option of grouping emails with the same subject into a conversation.

Windows live mail 2011 for windows 7

Multiple email accounts For most of the guide, it's been assumed that in Windows Live Mail, there's just a single email account. The Message Rules dialog has two pages, one for rules for mail messages, and the other for rules for News messages, but only the former of interest in this guide. If you know someone's e-mail address, then you can add them to your Contacts manually. There are also Categories, which are just a group of Contacts, and are the equivalent of Address lists or Mailing lists in other email programs. This contains check boxes for possible actions, and again Jaws does not read the name of the list view.

Tab to the Save button, and press it. For example if you wanted to find the contact David Copperfield, then you could type in d, or c, or dav, or copper, or david c, or david coppperfield. You can normally guess how much of the name you have to type in so that you'll only get a single match against the names of your contacts and categories. When Jaws moves to the message body edit box, it just says edit.

Windows Live Mail Guide

Unfortunately Jaws doesn't say the name of the group when you move from one group to another. Most of this guide is concerned with the main window when viewing mail, and the only exception is in the Contacts section where the main window when viewing contacts is described.

The number of each unlabeled graphic depends on the windows theme that you're using. Note that due to a Windows Live Mail bug, the Received before control gives incorrect search results, and therefore shouldn't be used. By default the ribbons in Windows Live Mail are not minimized, gulabi hindi song and this is assumed to be the case in the rest of this guide.

If it's expanded, then the other messages in the conversation are shown below this message, in the order in which they were received. If you've got more than one mail account, then in a new message window, there's a From combo box which contains a list of your accounts. If necessary, change the location where you want to save the file, and then press the default Save button. If you need to change where the files are saved then Tab to the Browse button, which is the next control, and press it.

Removing contacts from a category In the folder tree, select the category. The Save To edit box contains the path of the folder where the attachments will be saved. Automatically adding people to your Contacts There's an option that after you've replied to someone three times, they're automatically added to your Contacts.

The first control is a read only edit box for the path of the folder. Phishing filter Unfortunately, the author of this guide hasn't had any phishing emails to test out the Phishing filter in Windows Live Mail. You are returned to the new message window. You move messages to a folder using the Move dialog, and you can do this either in the main window or in a message window. To open Windows Live Mail, open the Start menu, and then type in either all or part of the text windows live mail, and press Enter.

Alternatively, in the main window, select one or more messages, open their context menu, and choose Forward as attachment. The following sections give more details of these methods of protection and their options. You need to fill in the three edit boxes for Email address, Password, and Display name for your sent messages.

When you press Alt to move to the name of the active tab on the ribbon, then this keystroke makes the access keys of all the items in the Quick Access Toolbar, and the upper ribbon available. Select Explorer My Settings, and open it. There's a compact view available for the Folder tree, and this can be turned on and off using the Compact view button, which is in the Layout group of the View tab.

If required, you can then move the messages in the imported folders to where you want them. If you receive a message from an address of your Blocked senders list, it's automatically moved to your Junk e-mail folder. Alternatively if either the account or one of the folders which it contains is selected in the Folder tree, then on the Accounts tab, in an unlabelled group, press the Properties button. This procedure is only recommended if you're a reasonably experienced Jaws user.

Windows Live Mail 2011 Guide

Press Tab to move to the next edit box. Copy button, which creates a copy of the rule selected in the list view, and places it immediately below the original rule in the list. Inbox, Deleted Items, Junk E-mail, and any folders which you've created. You can work around this bug by manually labeling the graphics that indicate these things, and this is described in the Labeling graphics section of the Customizing Windows Live Mail section.

An alternative way of entering contacts and categories in the To, Cc and Bcc edit boxes, is to use the Send an Email dialog. In the Folder tree, select an account, and choose Set as default account from its context menu. For details, see the Searching for messages section. The names of the tabs behave as if they were the names of the menus on a menu bar.