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Why not jazz up your computer with a cool system-wide Windows theme instead? Explore the Windows Themes galleries now!

This is one of the rare collection that you can find from less reflection. There are three solid options available to you. You can find the random pearls of nature. Hope you like our cool themes.

The battle between good and bad has always been depicted perfectly well in Star Wars. Going into the setup instructions for all three is beyond the scope of this article.

You can also find different types of pebbles, stones and marbles as teams which will give you a stonic look. Since you will find the Portrait of real mountains as themes.

Nature is always beautiful, so when you choose such type of themes, then your themes will be more natural. Anime, in all its forms, seems to become more popular with every passing day. Summer Theme What is your favorite season?

4. Windows 10 Aero Theme Three Options

This nature magnifying gives you a look at the nature through the lens of photography. Notify me of new posts by email. You can apply the theme to your system from the Settings app. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Games. But it is possible to restore the aero look to your operating system.

It will add more beauty to your normal theme when you choose Brazilian Bliss theme. Your email address will not be published.

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But, if you feel like mentally scarring anyone who sees your screen, you can grab the eight high-definition images from Softpedia. This makes your screen look more interesting and different.

But try these other Windows dark theme customizations too and prevent eye strain. This will give your desktop over it look with more cool and pleasant themes. On ThemePack you can grab themes for all your favorite stars and shows, including Gintama, Vegeta, Evangelion, strawberry shortcake movie and Haikyuu.

Windows 10 Tip Personalize your PC with new themes in the Windows Store

In this, you will find a very rare collection that is available from all over the world with interesting themes. Do you think that summer is the season that you love the most? You can find the Age of Empires theme in the official Windows theme catalog. Based on the present season you can also change your themes according to it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How to Fix This Stop Code. Just make sure you install the latest version of UxStyle before you proceed with setup.

Scroll down for the next article. If you have a passion for cars?

Each theme can be classified into certain categories such as games, animes, sport, movies, nature and just about anything you can think of. The Age of Empires soundtrack is one of the all-time video game greats. It will replace the existing taskbar, and you can customize the dock to display the apps you want to see.

25 Best Windows 10 Themes Free Download Spices Your Desktop Environment

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What are the colors you associate with Christmas? The exe file downloaded and the install started but nothing appears to have happened. The inside of windows gets a gold hue, app borders are red, menus are green, and there are sprinklings of other festive colors dotted about. Who can forget the sound of the catapult firing off its payload or the priest converting enemy soldiers into loyal citizens?

The season will witness you with all the season of Earth in one go on your computer. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Erased Boku dake ga Inai Machi. Luckily, this process can be automated. And those five colors are precisely what ReGe Special is based around.

Download and install these themes to make your Desktop interface more attractive. Even though this type of themes is there but still you can find an excellent collection. The images in Ticket to Fear are genuinely a bit disturbing.

How to Download Windows Themes? This wallpaper is something which is more unique and provides you Peace of Mind when you once look at it. It also offers various themes from different categories on their website. It even has three skins and a drag-and-drop interface. Locate destination of the downloaded file and after opening the file, it will automatically go to the theme setting and you can change it to the recent themes.

Adore the beauty of them whenever you are on the computer. Star Wars Theme The battle between good and bad has always been depicted perfectly well in Star Wars. As the name suggests, it adds a Mac-like dock to the bottom of your screen. Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This will give a different look that will make your theme look more different from that of others in which you can find all different types of mountains.

Note Before Changing Your Windows 10 Theme