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This center of attention shines bright in chic gowns and elegant accessories that coordinate well with her solid gold award for being number one all the time! Bollywood is big time and this beauty is part of the action. Be the star and steal the show with chic costumes, marvelous make up and out of this world accessories. Detroit is a city of music and this sweet singer is a born entertainer! With all of the fantastic makeover tips and fashionista adventures she has, of course you want to become best friends with this beautiful girl!

Hot new RnB, hip hop sensation, Willow Smith is here to drop beats and spit hot fire! She wants to share their story with you. Today, you've been invited to get a behind the scenes look at this famous fashionista's beauty routine.

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Are Zac and Vanessa still dating?

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Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Let's give her a facial and a nice new haircut! The beautiful and talented Hannah Montana is long overdue for a dentist appointment. Knock out your enemies with some hardcore fashion! And there's a serious rush to get her totally ready before the next season. Get fancy in gowns, jewels and tuxes as you walk the red carpet arm in arm.

Dressup this doll in all sorts of fancy outfits! Can you help change her hair and make up?

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Not only is she smoking hot, but she'll turn the heat on any army and blast them into ashes. Dress up this mega celeb in tons of her already classic outfits and hairdo's. Give them a monsterly make over- and make them the prettiest girls around! Consider it your mission to influence her fans through fashion and take the day to create the perfect look for this peppy star!

Either way, words can't describe the sincere beauty of this genuine Bollywood super starlet. Dress her up in fabulous outfits and make the paparazzi go crazy! But without the paprazzo, they wouldn't get any of those beautiful pictures of their favorite celebrity superstars! Hit the beach, win an Oscar, see some celebs. With so many accessories and styles, Barbie has the fashion sense to put together any kind of outfit she wants.

Feel the harmony of love in bloom as you belt out a soulful, rocked up tune about you and your boy! Join Draculaura and Clawd Wolf as they break through the T. Twilight is wrapping up, but that doesn't mean you should let your fashion and nails fall by the wayside!

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As personal stylist of Super Star Katy Perry you have a lot of freedom to explore many looks. She's gradually becoming the biggest and best rockstar in the world today! It's also possible to change the color of the dresses.

You can do it all and more in L. She's actually a licensed and professional fairy in the fey world, but she just can't let any of her human friends know! Now watch them clear out the dance floor before they tear it up with caliente curtseys and devilishly daring dips! She is in love with the great Ken and she hopes he will share the love.

It's one thing to dance around in front of the mirror lip synching into your hairbrush. Pick your favorite pop singer then dress them up for a pop style throw down.

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If you live in the right places and were born to the right parents, it's really not that hard. The soon to be married Ms. Choose her hairstyle, makeup and outfit to create a perfect look! Get hitched in style and have the romantic royal wedding of your dreams with Prince Williams and the future queen of England!

She's rock, she's roll, she's pop and a whole lot more! The girl glitters because she is solid gold! With no many power chords and killer riffs, that electric guitar will never be the same. Selena Gomez is charming and a great actress however she needs your help to get dressed! Dance the night away and party till the sun comes up in great gowns and gorgeous glittering accessories.

She is the smartest of all monsteristas, but because she is very shy, princess Cleo has got it covered. Dress up every ones favorite celebrity mega star in tons of his already classic styles. Kiss the leading man of your dreams in this star studded romance themed dressup.

Style her in funky clothes and sharply cut hair! Be a stylist and dress up your favorite Hollywood star! Make her more beautiful, fashionable and cool with a new look!

Let's give you the total salon treatment, and send you out with a completely chic new hairstyle! That's why this year's fashion competition will take place in this beautiful city. Join Cali as she takes a long needed vacation in Hollywood. Colored hair, golden crowns, tiaras and a bevy of skirts and tats await! After that you dress her up.

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She is years old, domenico beccafumi online dating but she is still a diva on the halls as the captain of the Fearleading Squad. There's nothing traditional about this backstreet wedding! And that means we can give her a nice celebrity makeover!

Is it lovely Draculaura, fashionable Clawdeen, blondie Lagoona, or funky Frankie? Dress her up with lovely makeup and give her a very pretty dress to wear. Be this Pop Latina princess personal stylist. Thankfully, this girl was!

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