Why my wireless is asking validating identity

Validating identity wireless xp netgear n600

For some reason following these guidesThey replaced the

For some reason following these guides only opens my port to the network that connects through the router, either wirelessly or wired. They replaced the wireless router and the problem continues. Also, I have an xbox in the same room connected to the router via wireless. So at first it was only a few seconds, now it's been taking a minute until I re-gain internet access. Even at my low level of experience, I am usually able to tinker until I fix the problem, but I am about four hours in and currently seem to have taken a step backward.

It also has the same issues of dropping and reconnecting and that causes me to get kicked out of live. It works fine, aside from that fact that servers either have - or for a ping. Right now, I do not even have access.

Also I have an

The tech I spoke too said it's a settings issue that they deal with everyday and not a hardware problem. They can connect to outside systems and through a wired connection to the Modem from Cable vision. Interestingly enough, my laptop, connected to the internet via wireless does not experience this issue when used in or outside of the room. Hardware diagonistics all pass. The owner's manual states that it's a hardware problem if the power light does not remain on and to call tech support.

So at first

The Dell did previously connect to unsecured networks in my neighborhood but does not seem to like my newly set-up network. They also pointed out that in the manual there is a way to turn it off. It didn't change anything though. My desktop has no connection issues.

My iPod Touch has no issues connecting to the wireless network. And no, people can't connect through the network unless I forward the ports, so I am actually doing something when I try to forward them. It just stopped in the middle because it said there was no ethernet cable connecting the laptop to the router, even though there was.