Updating systematic reviews an international survey

Updating systematic reviews an international survey

Some organizations have made recommendations about the frequency by which the evidence base needs to be updated in order to keep it up-to-date and valid. Therefore, the aim policies and practices across organizations. Wrote We would like to thank Dr. The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

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On several levels it seems advantageous to work towards development of the most efficient updating approaches, which must start with an understanding of current updating experiences. Participating organizations are not identified in the results as only aggregate data are reported.

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Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number. This is thought to be unique from that of other organizations that are more likely prompted to update based on immediate need, and which is usually accompanied by specific funding.

You may withdraw from the study at any time and may refrain from answering any question by leaving it blank. The Principle Investigator of this study is Dr. Survey results were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Recommended survey methods were employed to maximize Internet survey participation including offering a small fiscal incentive to all participants e.

Organization Responses by Country. In addition, other details reported in the text were summarized in Methods tabular form. Journal publishers and academic organizations cooperation is in its infancy. Tricco Find articles by Andrea C. Closed-ended questions were analyzed using a descriptive summary of findings in the form of frequencies and percentages.

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Key international membership lists of established networks and associations known in the field i. The idea of harmonizing efforts was supported by the not be a practical approach for agencies that do not share its majority of organizations responding to this survey but such values and culture.

This research is funded by the U. Updating Survey Flow Diagram. An addi- decision-making process. The authors acknowledge support provided to Dr. All responses will remain strictly confidential and we anticipate minimal or no risk of harm from the research study.