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The campaign continues and vegetables are still being planted. Oh well, it was a sunny day and at least we had a rhythm section. More so, in an agricultural setting, where a push for greater yield to cover costs reflects this trade-off.

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Landowners had also been seeking requirements on rights to compensation for landowners. The British Waterways Board clearly do not see it that way. This approach had certain advantages, but it also carried certain dangers, in particular the possibility of a de facto hierarchy emerging. Planning policies and procedures which cater for the special needs of self-built homes and workplaces and the community provision of facilities.

It looks at a variety of structures, from yurts to strawbale houses to earthsheltered homes. Now evaluating the action and planning a follow up camp.

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The struggle for agarian reform in Brazil. The dam will destroy the surrounding environment.

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This is because, in the worst possible timing, the owners of the farm that were due to host the Gathering pulled out at the last minute. After the very positive treehouse village over the summer, the council have told developers that they will do their best to avoid giving them any new planning permissions.

Linking many of our population centres, it has become an important resource for sustainable transport. The e-mail discussion group Le gacyofColonialism egroups.

The Ili su Dam will only lead to a worsening of the pollution. Several speakers argued that ruthless economic exploitation of rural resources and an idealizing aesthetic of rural England were in fact two sides of the same alienated urban coin. The upstream reservoir will introduce waterborne diseases such as malaria to the region.

Legal Defense and Monitoring and Permaculture groups have been set up. After this Report stage in the Lords is finalised, the bill will be re-introduced to the House of Commons, for further approval with new amendments. Any help to get displays together, get tat moved around, rant about landrights to the chemically disturbe d etc.

We wanted a structure that would be as inclusive as possible, excluding only people whose aims were directly opposed to our own, and putting all parts of the movement onto an equal footing. Locals are attempting to take out an injunction to halt work during the nesting season. Simon called the courts decision arbitary but not a great surprise and is planning to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. As a result they count in law as no more than garden furniture. Directors and representatives are being elected as part of the structure being set up to control the island and frantic preparation is being made for the takeover.

Anyone subscribing to it can set up a Land is Ours group, be it a local group or one specialising on a particular topic or task. At the Land is Ours strategy weekend in April, we decided to sort this out. Many of the amendments have been tabled by a small number of Conservative Lords, led by Earl Peel. East of England Showground, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. This slideshow and talk takes you on a tour of places around Britain, where families or communities have built their own unique eco dwellings and are creating a sustainable lifestyle on the land.

If the Commons disagree with Lords amendments they send the Bill back to the Lords and ask them to reconsider. Planning permission has now been granted, although there was no public consultation.

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If the Lords refuse to back down, the Commons can pass the Bill again in the next Session and invoke the Parliament Act to overrule the Lords and seek Royal Assent. Keep your ear close to the ground for more information. This was proposed as a practical tool to parallel strategic planning and review work to be undertaken in relation to rights of way.