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He brainwashed the minister that his people want to kills his sister Subhu and hides from Ayya and the family. She is taken to the hospital by Selvakannan as he was searching for her and found her on the ground with injuries.

He is happy to accept Subhu as his mother and asks her to give a lap for him to sleep on. Chandran has done the cinematography. All characters in any fictional story are purely imaginary and no references or allusion is intended to apply to any living person or persons. It is shot across Tamil Nadu.

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Karthik hates Subhu as he was asked by Kulaskeran to kill Subhu. The interior of the state is notorious for its criminalization of sociopolitical system and anarchy.

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Ramma forgives him and he accepts her as his sister. Karthik and Ilvanji's chapter is over as they again become a couple together.

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She is their adopted mother and in order to save the boys from Kulaskeran she said that they were her sons. Karthik is shocked that Aravindan is not a good guy and he is dating a gang member's sister and he cheated on her. He tells the person that he found Subu in his village.

The police take her to the jail and leave her there. Known for his contributions to the film genre, He has garnered four state Nandi Awards. Karthik is very upset and wegoesnt over to Kulaskeran. Additionally, Khurrana studied acting and attended workshops with N.

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