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And navigation of the app has been made so simple, that even a first time user, will find profiles that match its interest. Traditional marriage proposals generally start with the horoscope matching and proceeded only if they are considered matching. If you see the real person talking to you thru video you can have some idea about the age and appearance of the person and you can compare them with the images and the descriptions previously used.

The person on the web cam may be talking to you on the instructions of a third party. Try to use web cams - some of the risks may be mitigated if you can see the person you are trying to date thru a web cam.

However the use of the webcam is not a guaranteed way of trusting your prospective partner.

But this kind of a meeting should happen after sometime of get to knowing each other. Description will also target the people whom they try to scam. Get as much as information about the other party. Then the couple is said to be matching.

Most of these fake profiles will ultimately try to get money out of you. All your details are safe and secure until you decided to reveal them. Chat as much as possible - talk to the prospective partner as much as possible. We have broken the continental boundaries to help prospective Sri Lankan brides and Sri Lankan grooms to meet their soul mate. However some Porondam are considered to be crucial and the matching of them is a must.

For the first meetingHoroscope of a person willFirst step of the horoscope matching

This is a must for a girl. There are several sets of Porondam. Add to Wishlist Install We realizes that Marriage is a life together with someone special. Every aspect of our app has been constructed with secure matrimonial as the central focus. You must be sure that the other party have the qualities you look for.

Sri Lanka Dating, Sri Lanka Singles, Sri Lanka Personals

You need to use your common sense on this regard. However the use of internet to find a partner carries some risk of being scammed.

For the first meeting you should go with someone else, may be your best friend or a parent. First step of the horoscope matching in marriage proposals is Porondam matching where the horoscopes of the two partners are matched against set guidelines. Horoscope of a person will depend on the birthday, birth time and the birth place. This is because it is easy to hide one self's real identity and pose in a different guise on the internet. Never rely on the profile pictures and descriptions - those who try to scam people most of the time use some attractive image which is not theirs.