Speak now mp3 seohyun dating

Speak now mp3 seohyun dating

Jessica then became the main host of the beauty show Beauty Bible, alongside Kim Jae-kyung. She played Han Yu-rim, a veterinary student and first love of the male lead character.

She tried recording it again

She is really scary when she is angry. Taeng often teaches and tell Fany whenever she does something wrong. Taeng is from the southern part of Korea.

Yuri has a clean personality. Her parents did not encourage her to become a celebrity, but Seohyun credited them as the ones who helped her choose her career path by letting her experience different things.

She is shortsighted so

She often get picked on her height. She felt that radio was a part of her life and that it was something she loved most. Even when she types she uses only her right hand.

Everyone was shocked to see Taeng crying. They often pick on the taller members. Once she forgot her cell phone in the fridge. Yuri is scared of elephant.

Sunny and Sooyong voted Taeng to the be the most popular one among the members. Jung wrote and composed four of the six tracks. She tries to make a joke or let it pass. Yuri said that she was a huge fan of G.

She likes it when it rains and the when the wind blows. Whenever she speaks, every member listens to her.

Taeng once kissed Sica on her cheeks. Then she came out and Yoona asked her why she is so much sexier since that event.

She also said that Kim Tae

She also said that Kim Tae Woo was her favourite G. She tried recording it again many times but it was the same. She is short-sighted so she wears contact lens. She voiced the character Edith, who is known for her rebellious attitude. It was quite a serious wound.

Others like to buy milk for her. She hates the feeling of unbrushed teeth. Coach as well, where she participated in a swimming competition after being trained by professional swimmer Sun Yang.

She really puts her effort in whatever she is doing. Yoona is amazing and dedicated. But she holds cooking contests with Taeyeon sometimes. Everyone agrees that she has a great powerful voice and a great dancing skills. She was so glad when she knew that once her grandmother went into the woods to gather herbs for her when she was sick.