Secret story 3 portugal online dating

Secret story 3 portugal online dating

Housemates Alexandra Alexandra is a Dj and comes from Porto. She wants to go to the secret story house to become famous. Cristiano Ronaldo is my cousin. She'd like to be a medical examiner. She practiced karting and soccer.

She entered as a

She wants to go to the Secret Story house to give her life a new perspective. He likes his looks and he wants to be the cover of a fitness magazine. He is a success with the ladies and says he is irresistible because of his killer look. He loves to go out at night and to spend hours having deep conversations.

He goes to the gym everyday and likes to maintain a healthy alimentation. He is a hairdresser and is known for his numerous tattoos. She has a very bad temper when waking up. He says he likes to go to the gym twice a day. She ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Marco, because of this.

She thinks she is very different from the British girls since she's more discreet and elegant. She's addicted to fashion and loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends. He only had one girlfriend but a lot of one-night stands. He faces life in a very positive and relaxed way.

He likes women with nice shoes and that's the first thing he notices when meeting someone. She loves to sing in the karaoke and dance. He likes to go to the gym and to the cinema. He is seductive but doesn't fall in love very easily.

She wants to

He is a security system technician. He has a master's degree in physical education and is a personal trainer.

He wants to enter the Secret

He wants to enter the Secret Story house to be famous. She entered as a couple with Pedro but eventually they broke up inside the house. She wants to enter the Secret Story house to test her limits and to have fun.

He loves his lips andWe are a couple

We are a real couple with Tatiana. He is very careful with his body and works out every single day. He loves his lips and eyes but thinks he has the perfect nipples.

She works in a whale watching company. She's nice, calm and positive. The bull ring has a circular floorplan with four octagonal towers on each cardinal point with oriental-looking domes.

Secret Story Portugal Porn Videos

We are a

We are a couple chosen by A Voz with Bruno. She likes to take care of her look and she loves to go out at night, getting her nails done and shopping.

He is very careful with his

He had a lot of dates but got scared with almost all of them because they started talking about marriage. Its position as the capital has formed through constitutional convention, making its position as de facto capital a part of the Constitution of Portugal.

She's shy and loves photography. Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, julius Caesar made it a municipium called Felicitas Julia, adding to the name Olissipo. She likes to keep up with new trends in fashion.