Road Safety Powerpoint Presentation

Decade of Action for Road Safety

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Educators - Brake the road safety charity

Are there some issues that lots of people misunderstand, like the dangers of using a hands-free phone kit at the wheel, or driving after one or two drinks? Pick up a toy car and spin its wheels. What is workplace bullying?

Highway-Rail Grade Crossings -. Plus tell Brake about your campaign and we may be able to offer advice, support and send out our mascot, Zak the Zebra, for a media event. What are the barriers that may prevent people from choosing safer and more sustainable modes of travel? Which is soft, which is hard?

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Walk carefully and avoid stepping on obstacles. Switches are quick, silent, and can ruin your foot and your day. It covers choosing a safe vehicle, fitness to drive, health, medications and planning for future mobility. You can create your own custom maps for free or for a small cost for added customisation options using Google maps.

Which goes furthest before it can stop? Explore the aftermath of crashes. Write a story or play script about someone being hurt in a crash.

Uncivil behaviors are characteristically rude and discourteous, displaying a lack of regard for others. Use it to discuss how pupils can take advantage of safety features and safer routes, and avoid hazards, and to discuss what changes could be made in the area to improve safety. Then talk to them about how they are small, and traffic is big.

It also covers how to prepare for an emergency and how to prevent falls in the home. Description Report Railroad Safety. This could be displayed and discussed in class using an interactive white board.

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The Respectful Workplace - The Respectful Workplace University of Wisconsin The Associate in the office feels that the faculty in the office don t appreciate or include him. Looking for Materials on Safety? Your health and its impacts on driving. In a large room, send a large toy truck racing across the floor. Be aware of their location and stay away from them.

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Reduce injuries, decrease days away from work, promote a culture of safety and improve insurance costs. Explore the types of injuries and their treatment. It goes much faster than people who are walking. What can be done to improve behaviour of road users? You could also ask pupils to research stories of road crashes and casualties online.

You could provide this as a report to your local authority, calling for road safety measures, pc faster and use this as the basis for a community campaign led by the students. Look at the aftermath of road crashes.

For example, names of vehicles, names of street furniture such as pavements and kerbs, and an understanding of fast, slow, looking, listening and crossing. Get the students thinking about and discussing road safety, by surveying them on their experiences and attitudes towards road safety, as part of a discussion-based lesson. Civility in the Workplace. What would it take for you to let go of this conflict and feel that the issue has been completely resolved? Do people know the risks are this high?

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You could devise a quiz to test their knowledge. Task the students with writing fictitious newspaper articles on different types of crashes.

For free resources to help you run an event, visit our Beep Beep! Show these hazards and road safety measures on a map, or take photos or videos.

You can get advice on all three of these elements in this guide, but to successfully deliver on them, especially practical training, you may need or benefit from outside help. The members gathered much information which in many cases brought them up to speed on current driver situations. They both initiate violence and use violence in self-defense.

Make a display for other pupils to look at. Frequently Asked Questions.

Red means stop, green means go - always wait till you see the green man at a pelican crossing. The ageing population Healthy ageing Keeping active Ageing and getting around Alternative transport Internet use Scams.

For example, on average, everyone stands a one in chance of dying on the road. Reduce injuries, build a safety culture and stay compliant.

Create a poster, advert, film, or play about a road safety issue. You can choose whether to allow people to download your original PowerPoint presentations and photo slideshows for a fee or free or not at all. Railroad Safety PowerPoint Presentation. Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world. Email Presentation to Friend.

Contact your local council and ask to speak to the road safety officer to find out local providers and any costs. Explore what changes are needed in your area.