Todo sobre el Trastorno de Asperger

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But I feel like I shouldn't have to do all that for someone who only calls me because he needs something. Alguien sabe como se ase esta fiesta o cuales son los detalles que debe de llevar. But now I can't stop thinking about the other guy, I miss him so much and don't enjoy having sex with my husband anymore. Not sure if this is normal or not or if any one has any idea of what this could be.

He comes home Friday nights and

On the weekend he comes home and only wants to go out with his friends.

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He gets mad if I use his debit card. And that was only in the morning when waking up and in the evening about to go to bed.

Had a guy harassing me, threatening me and stalking me. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

He comes home Friday nights and leaves to work again Sunday night. He complains saying I am a bad wife because I won't have sex with him and do his laundry, cook etc.

Todo sobre el Trastorno de Asperger

During this time I dated someone else with whom I got very attached to. During the day when I leave her with my mom or her sitter she is just fine. Nunca e ido a una de estas fiestas. But when I pick her up she cries about everything just wants me to hold her and throws a lot of fits.