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Diamond Bracelets Kirtilals prides itself on its splendid collection of gold bracelets and diamond bracelets. Diamond Rings Show off your slender fingers with gold rings and diamond rings from the house of Kirtilals. Pearls are also graded according to color.

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While the diamond necklaces by Kirtilals will add a touch of sparkle to your look, our rose gold necklaces and white gold necklaces will add a dash of class. While black and pink pearls are also rare and beautiful, most traditional Hyderabad jewellery is made with white pearls. One such store where you can obtain almost any shape, size, colour pearl is Modi Pearls near Charminar. Diamond Pendants Choose from among an exclusive range of gold pendants and diamond pendants at Kirtilals. These gold bracelets and diamond bracelets come in various patterns and are bound to leave your admirers spellbound.

They are assorted based on their shape, shine, cleanliness, roundness, and lustre. Black pearls that have a green sheen and baroque irregular shaped pearls that reflect a rainbow of colors are also amongst the more valuable varieties. Then they are sunned for four or five days in glass sun boxes with a mirror base. Finally they are washed and separated through series of different shapes and sizes.

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Be it an office meeting or an important occasion, the gold earrings and diamond earrings in the Kirtilals collection are sure to make you the center of attention. They are placed in glass bottles containing hydrogen peroxide, water and ether. Because precious gems are not based upon their place of discovery but known via the place where they are drilled, sorted, cut, carved, refined and bring them to their real value. Recommended if you are looking to buy natural real pearls in Hyderabad. Likewise, Pearls only gem formed via living being are made ready to be used in jewellery in Hyderabad.

This is the main reason why Hyderabad is known for its Pearls. Once the pearls are drilled, they are boiled for about four days to bleach them and rid them of their dark color. With pieces to suit every occasion, our pendants collection of gold pendants and diamond pendants has both modern as well as contemporary pieces. Among the most popular in the Kirtilals pendants range are the rose gold pendants and white gold pendants. Adorn your wrists with a rose gold bracelets and white gold bracelet and watch the compliments roll in.