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So what I do is I secretly keep the dry fruits they give me to it in my pocket or in a paper. The important thing about deity worship is it has to be done regularly every day at the same times. Fruit, water and yoghurt for example we can offer. It is not that you have to cook a different kind of prasadam everyday.

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Because you have to cook something nice to offer to Krishna. The standard of worship of Krishna in the temples generally can not be completely implemented in our household life. And we have to maintain that strictly.

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Sometimes people trow away the leftovers and in that way they also trow away the maha prasadam a big aparadha. Throwing away prasadam should be avoided in all cases. Hare Krishna Prabhu I am away from home. Radhe Krishna sir, fmw music I am an engineering student and am leaving in a hostel.

Many temples reheat prasadam, and as I said I also do it sometimes. It is very good to hear that you are cooking for Krishna and you will of course become a better cook and Krishna will give you the intelligence how to serve Him nicely. Then, gradually, they can meditate in trance on the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is the beginning of spiritual life.

One thing is that the seva can never be stopped for any reason. Dear Prabhu, Pray that you are keeping well. So you have to just use your common sense in this regard. Therefore it is a very great offense to think of enjoying the food before it is offered to Krishna.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. So we are reheating it for our own sense pleasure. This is a very common reason why aspiring devotees of Lord Krishna fail to become Krishna conscious.

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And, their fans are intolerant of anyone that doesn't love the same singers that they do. So we respect or honor Krishna prasadam. Thank you, Madhudvisa dasa, for your patience in reading my concerns. But you are doing the best you can and Prabhupada and Krishna know that.

Hare Krishna Madhudvisa dasa Prabhu. Music of any genre has influence on us, whether positive or negative. If we eat food that is not offered to Krishna we are eating only sin and that will inhibit our progress in Krishna consciousness.

But do not compromise any of your Krishna conscious principles. If you have a gallon of milk and only want to offer a cup or so to Krishna at a time you can do that. So from the material point of view it is very good, but actually prasadam cures all our material and spiritual ills. Nor can you get Krishna to accept it by performing a gorgeous ceremony in a beautiful temple will all the most opulent foods and first-class things.

You can not accept anything which is not cooked by a devotee and offered to Krishna. The process in the temple or at home with your home alter is that after the Lord is offered food we then offer aroti and kirtan. So we just have to adjust and learn the things like how to cook for Prabhupada and Krishna and just do it. So the most important thing is that you nicely worship your Deities. You have to do it very cleanly and very nicely.

This is a truly great article, thank you so much for it. We always actually offer to Srila Prabhupada and he offers to Srila Bhaktsiddhanta and in this way the offering goes to Krishna through the disciplic succession. And making porridge in the morning is very fast and making hot milk in the evening is very fast. And is it wrong to just worship Srila Prabupada and panca tattva photo, and not Krishna.

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But I do not think there is any need to take any prohibited things like garlic which will cause one to get into the mode of passion, which will not be good for his Krishna consciousness. If you have others there, family members, friends, etc, try to engage them in the kirtans also. So do your best with what you have. Krishna will accept any offering, even very simple, if it is offered with love and devotion. So if you become a devotee naturally you will be a good cook.

Our fire of digestion comes up and goes down with the sun. Better to leave them if there is no hope of them becoming Krishna conscious.

We offer to spiritual master and spiritual master offers to Krishna through the disciplic succession. Western people who have become Krishna followers always put forth a very agressive almost negative tone about rules in the relationship with Krishna. Hare Krishna prabhu ji all glories to srila prabhupad all pure love to Krishna ji respect for u nice and knowledgeful artical. Madhudvisa ji, what is the perfect procedure to offer food to Krishna?

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Now a very important understanding for the actual offering is that really we are not offering anything to Krishna directly. Devotee is not such a cheap thing. The songs sound too much alike. Do we integrate it into our rest of the food. My question is how many times during the day we have to offer food to Srila Prabhupad and Krishna?

You should make the effort and get ghee for offering aroti. This activity can not on the material platform. So after the tulsi has became prasadam you can accept it.

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We have been following the basic principles of cooking for Lord Krishna on daily basis and honouring the Prasadam as I was at home. The best thing is to cook what is required and then when more is required to cook again. Second question is do we offer food early in the morning at mangala aarti too? Being vegan is probably the safest way of making no offenses while preparing and serving food for Swami Prabhupada ji and Lord RadhaKrishna ji in America.

There is a common misunderstanding that devotees of Krishna are vegetarians. It is followed on the day that it says we should follow it on the Vaisnava calendar. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

So you just have to follow these things, there is no alternative. It is amazing that so many devotees have forgotten or never understood these essential basic fundamental principles of cooking for Krishna. Vegetables, fruits, milk products and grains are nicely prepared and offered to Krishna.

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