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Pagdating ni magellan sa mactan shrine

The Lapu Lapu

Ekspedisyon ni Magellan by Kay Carolino on Prezi

Napatay ng mga tribung sundalo si Magellan, na nagkaroon ng alitang pampolitika at pagkakaribal kasama si Lapu-Lapu. Then, ask the driver to drop you at Mactan Shrine. The following day, Magellan ordered his men to anchor their ships on the shores of Homonhon Island. On that account, he ordered us to a frontal assault.

Being one of the major tourist Islands of Cebu, Mactan Island boasts of a collection of tourist spots. The statue is on top of a base surrounded by low-level fence. So many of them rained down upon us that the captain was shot through the right leg with a poisoned arrow. It was built in honor of the brave Datu Lapu-Lapu who was a native chieftain of the island. With his queer dreams, his strange adorations, his wistfulness for a life not of these fields, not of their quiet, colorless women and the dullness of long nights of unbroken silence and sleep.

To some, Mactan Shrine has turned into a leisure park. They replied that if we had lances they had lances of bamboo and stakes hardened with fire. Ang pagsunog na ito ang nagpagalit kay Lapu-Lapu at kanyang mga mandirigma at sumalakay kay Magellan na nasugatan sa braso ng isang sibat at sa hita ng isang kampilan. However, Datu Lapu-Lapu, one of the two chiefs within the island of Mactan, was the only chieftain to show his opposition. The shops sell handmade bracelets, T-shirts with prints, accessories made from shells, guitars and many more.

They sought out where Sinukuan's home was in the mountains, and when they found it, they asked for more than what they actually needed. She warned them, however, not to get any fruits from the forest without her permission. The Battle of Mactan mural painting can be found hanging on the wall across the Magellan Marker.

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You could also have great seafood meals in one of the fish restaurants nearby. Nagawa nina Pigafetta at iba pa na makatakas.

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The other men remained behind to guard the boats. On the batalan of his home, two tall clay jars were full of water. The easiest way is taking the Marcelo B. When the natives saw that, they all rushed themselves upon him. It is a painting of Lapu-Lapu fighting against Magellan.

Some of our men were killed near the houses, while we burned twenty or thirty houses. Ferdinand Magellan had been successful in bringing the Christianity to the people of Cebu. This section needs additional citations for verification. The Lapu Lapu monument is a meter bronze statue.

The mortars in the boats could not aid us as they were too far away. Mactan Shrine Souvenir Shops Some souvenir shops are found inside Mactan Shrine and some are located outside near the parking lot. Many foreign and local tourists visit the place to have a glimpse of our beautiful past. The other soldiers were held prisoner. This was later recognized as the historic Battle of Mactan.