Top Tours in Garden Route, South Africa

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However take note, that this is a very popular destination over Easter and the December holidays so it will be much busier over these periods. Once done surfing, we spent the afternoon at the Surf Village.

You can rent surfboards everywhere you look and there are many different beaches to head out too. They were super professional and the loud music got your Adrenalin pumping. Oudtshoorn, however, is the Ostrich capital of the world. Two dramatic sea cliffs guard the entrance to the lagoon from the surging ocean. It was something so different and the guides were incredible.

Driving Itinerary of the Garden Route, South Africa

We enjoyed a picnic in one of the most picturesque settings at Mont Rochelle. Our wetsuits and goggles were thrown to us and we were told to jump right into the cage. We learnt about the different feathers, the male and females mannerisms, how they breed, feed and nest.

Daily excursions depart from the waterfront. Although not terribly fond of being so close to sharks, this was a thrill we were willing to join in on. This is a great way to meet fellow travellers and a safe way to travel the country.

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Although some may find these tours invasive, if you go with the right company, at least you know where your money is going. Keep small change in your car. We were able to feed them, stand on their eggs and even go for a ride.

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Finish your afternoon off with lunch at the Peppermill Cafe right behind their office. Inside, the walls are filled with graffiti, underwear and shirts hanging from the ceiling and postcards, photos and stickers cover the walls.

They were pretty mellow thankfully but we could see right into their beady eyes and through their sharp teeth. Incredibly moving, I found myself walking away to wipe a tear more than once. This whole experience has left an everlasting impression on both Jacob and I and we left Addo with our heartstrings pulled.