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The battleship sank within two hours. The site's infrastructure is old and will be getting much-needed optimization to help reduce server costs. Our end goal is to cover most of the key peculiarities such as correctly declining irregular adjectives, nouns, defective verbs, etc. Despite Latin being relatively rigid in its syntax, it nevertheless falls prey to thousands of years of convention and change.

He sank his fist into the pillow. Her voice sank to a whisper. English Norwegian English - Norwegian.

Latdict spells everything out in plain English or Latin. Languages develop and new translations of Arabic terms and English expressions pop up all the time. English Portuguese English - Portuguese. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.

Arabic-English dictionary - translation

Progress is coming along swimmingly. Grammar Come and ride the Grammar Train! The river sank two feet during the dry spell.

Help us and become part of creating the very best Arabic-English online dictionary available. Her head sinks into the pillows. Search by word commonality, geographic location s used, time periods used, or source Search by declension or conjugation Once that is complete, I hope to start having inflection matching. English Greek English - Greek. Find Search Vaniquotes Search Vanisource.

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English Polish English - Polish. Please visit About Vanipedia to learn more about the site and its vision. We do not automatically add new user-contributed Arabic-English translations to the dictionary.

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English Swedish English - Swedish. Recommended Latin Reading. English Hungarian English - Hungarian. Wipe the oil off before it sinks into the wood. The tower is slowly sinking.

English Finnish English - Finnish. In addition to the idioms beginning with sink.

Once that is complete, I hope to start having inflection matching. He sank down on the bench. Vaniquotes All categories All pages. The field sinks toward the highway.

For example, a forest acts as a sink for carbon dioxide because it absorbs more of the gas in photosynthesis than it releases in respiration. Our dictionary can only grow with the help of contributing users who add new Arabic-English translations. English Dutch English - Dutch. English Czech English - Czech. Medicine and health Music Names studies Performing arts Philosophy.

We envision automatic lookup of words in Vanisource and other petals without having to open a new window. Coral reefs are a long-lasting sink for carbon, which they sequester in their skeletons in the form of calcium carbonate. One thing that constantly pains me about Latin dictionaries is that they often omit information about their entries, such as omitting declension, conjugation, and other auxiliary information.

Dictionary and index from His Divine Grace A. This is an invaluable reference tool for all nursing students, recently qualified and practising nurses, and people training and working in related fields such as midwifery and health visiting. English Russian English - Russian. They sank the roadway by five feet. Find your definition here.

Original Update Message I wanted to share with you what the state of Latdict is, and what the next few months will be looking like. Other dictionaries might list this information, but provide it in a raw or otherwise cryptic format. English online dictionaries English Spanish English - Spanish.

Coverage of advances in the field includes general nursing, statistics, common scales and indexes, religion and spirituality, and commonly used abbreviations. Try using the optional result filters for region, style, grammar and category to make finding the exact Arabic-English translation you are searching for easier. And we want to do our best to handle those changes and exceptions to grammatical patterns which can certainly pile up the deeper you dive into the grammar. He could sink it to a whisper and still be audible, while in open-air meetings he could easily make himself heard by thousands. Within a matter of hours, the vessel that Mooney had crafted began to sink.

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Collaborate with us to invoke and fully manifest Srila Prabhupada's Vani-presence. Latdict goes out of its way to specify information about each entry.

Yes, Updates have been slow. English Japanese English - Japanese. In fact, Latdict also provides other information as well, including the age of the entry, its area of use, its geographical influence, its frequency, and the source of the entry. Verify an Arabic word to tell us if the translation is accurate and should be included in the Arabic-English dictionary.

The text is enhanced by helpful illustrations and tables. Examples from the Web for sink Within a matter of hours, the vessel that Mooney had crafted began to sink. English French English - French. Choose a starting point in the Arabic-English dictionary by selecting a letter below and view a complete list of Arabic words found in the Arabic-English dictionary. Latdict utilizes the information to provide more common words at the top of dictionary search results.

She entered a vast field of ice, and only her ability to sink below the surface enabled her to get through it unharmed. All the different translations for a specific word will be listed, along with reference. English Romanian English - Romanian. English Arabic English - Arabic. He sank all his efforts into the business.

Should you ever be unsure if an Arabic translation you want to add to the Arabic-English dictionary is correct, why not ask other users for help? To search more intelligently for variations of Latin words, not just search for matches against their dictionary forms.

Vanictionary offers quick lookup for words and translations found in His Divine Grace A. Vanictionary is not yet finished, need for speed carbon game for android as we are looking into the logistics of integrating it nicely with Vanisource and possibly other petals.