Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. Meanwhile, Mombot disapproved of Eggman's attempt to impress her by defeating Sonic and eventually grounded him for it. Programmed to be Eggman's ideal mother, Mombot would care for the happy Eggman after coming online.

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Mombot possesses configurable hands which can turn into knives for cutting and knitting pins for knitting the latter of which she has enough proficiency in to knit a sweater in a few seconds. Eggman is surprised that Mombot is not praising him, and her hopes for him to become a real doctor annoys him. Although Mombot sympathizes with him, fm7 full version she suggests he should become an air conditioner repairman since villainy does not seems to work for him.

Counterstrike Source by Optix. Warthunder Cheat Information. At Eggman's lair, Eggman has decided to erase Mombot memory with a magnet as payback for her grounding him. Maybe villainy isn't for you. With Knuckles destroying the last minions in a display of strength, Eggman takes his leave.

All Points Bulletin by SystemFiles. Orbot asks Eggman what he intends to do with it, to which Eggman answers that he will use it to eat his broccoli and get recognition as the greatest scientist in history. General Purchase Information. Although the duo has not been shown interacting with Mombot very much, she still considers them a part of her extended family and treats them with both loving care and clothes. This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.

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Because of the dangerous tools hanging around in the workshop however, Tails has Beth come along. As he disregards his lackeys love for him, Eggman gets the idea to make a robot mother. Burstfire Cheat Information. However, Tails gets amazed by how far Knuckles can hit the coconuts and continues the game with him to see how far Knuckles can hit.

You shouldn't upset me like this. Counterstrike Global Offensive by Optix. Her kindness extends towards others as well, like when she knitted a sweater for Sticks when she thought the badger was freezing. Will to Live Cheat Information.

Although kind-hearted, Mombot is also overly critical and can be quite assertive and strict. CoinPayments is now available. Back with Tails and Knuckles, the two are enjoying their game until they notice that Beth is leaving with Sticks. Mombot's full profile compared to Dr.

Mombot (episode)

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Live Cam Models - Online Now. Comedy Chimp then gives Beth her award and present the other participants with their participation trophies, which are handed out by Tails and Fastidious.

With Beth watching Knuckles who enjoys Beth's admiration of him nearby, Tails tries persuading Beth with an experiment that involves a metal pipe, but Knuckles steals the show by bending the pipe. Personally, she wants him to become a real doctor. For facial features, she has eyes with thin black pupils and cyan sclera, two brown spikes that resemble Eggman's mustache, rosy cheeks, and a round mouth with red lips. Proving Ground by SystemFiles.

Venom Pack All currently Available Cheats. Garry's Mod Cheat Information. Battlefield Hardline by Sycore. She also appears to be a good cook. All giddy, Eggman have them do a montage, where Eggman and Mombot do all kinds of mother-and-son activities together.

Beaten up, Eggman returns to Mombot, who decides to make peace between him and Sonic herself. Tom Clancey's The Division by Sycore. Continue to external site Go Back.

Furthermore, as Eggman rants about defeating Sonic, Mombot decides to call Sonic and pay him to go to the movies with Eggman in hopes of making peace between the two. All Professional Homemade.

Americas Army Proving Grounds. Despite all this though, Mombot always has Eggman's best interests at heart. As her programming dictates, Mombot loves Eggman unconditionally and will praise even his lamest feats.

Nonetheless, she is always strict in a gentle way and behaves like this out of genuine love. She also has gray and black arms with short red and yellow sleeves, four-fingered yellow hand sections with white fingers, a wide, metallic red skirt, and small gray legs with black feet. Meanwhile, Tails and Knuckles have decided to work together and share Beth's attention. Escape from Tarkov by Optix. Eggman created to be his mother.

Main page Gallery Transcript. Here's what you're missing out on! Back at Meh Burger, Sonic confides in Tails about Mombot's arrangement, which he had accepted after she made him a new scarf. Please enter the required information.

Mombot (episode)

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Conan Exiles Cheat Information. Does it always have to end on a joke? While the two would return to recover after their latest plan failed, Mombot was still proud of how well they had worked together. Afterward, Mombot was happy to see the newfound closeness her family had gained. Back in the Village Center, Beth is still being ignored by Tails and Knuckles, who are occupied with their game.

Sexy Fit Athletic Asian girl To fulfill your desires and fantasy. Eggman demands that Mombot respects him as her creator. Global Agenda by SystemFiles.

Later, Sonic meets up with Eggman at the movies with Amy and Sticks watching nearby where he teases Eggman with how Mombot made him go on a playdate with him. Fuel of War by SystemFiles. As such, Mombot does not always give Eggman the support he hopes for, and will criticize him and do things he does not agree with to help him. It is then that Sticks arrives and warns Beth about how the government is using headphones for music to control people, among other things, catching Beth's interest. However, Mombot was protected by her family, and Eggman returned the chip to save her.