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In order to prevent the destruction of the Universe and Void should the Singularity die the guardians leave to find a way to ensure that life can continue on. One of her nicknames is based on the Miss Universe modeling event.

He says that she could refuse if she really wanted too but she keeps her word and accepts his proposal. She brought the sexual harassment case that led to the departure of Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News. If Cell gets to sad she starts to cry stars which is very dangerous for her.

With all threats to the Cycles ended the trio of Guardians turn to Arcadum, rather than punishing him however they decide to turn him into the Guardian of Forbidden Magics. In recent years it has run into resistance to the swimsuit, and to a lesser extent, evening gown segments that had come by some to be seen as outdated. That led to a shake-up and the group's top three leadership positions are now held by women. While the world was making jokes and cracking, I just needed her to be okay with me.

If they are not careful, they might even fall into the vacuum of space. Cell and the other Guardians are currently being cautious as they are unaware of other side effects that this may have caused them or the world they live in. Meat Cube - Cell can transform a being into a compact meat cube squishing them painfully into a shape.

His species is actually called rattler while his name is a series of claps. The two beauty queens also had their share of bashing and extreme criticisms from each other's camps. Any attempt at touching Universe's body or hair not her clothes would result in the person passing through her. With Azreals turn away from his antagonistic ways this romantic relationship was rekindled and the two Guardians became close again having a relationship with one another. The only known individual who can actually make contact with her is Azreal.

They are able to subdue ArcadumAstronomical Bodies  Cell

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Originally, Miss Universe was to star in her own webcomic. She does not protect the universe to save the trillions of weaker species. With all these abilities however Universe will often not fight as most beings are of no threat to her and acting as a being of law she would rather avoid interfering. She is somebody who has a beautiful heart, that is compassionate and really cares about people.

Embodiment of the Universe - Being the Universe she is able to easily change her form to avoid attacks making her self become gelatinous. They are able to subdue Arcadum at the cost of the Safe Haven being destroyed via Miss Universe punching Arcadum with a sun. Astronomical Bodies - Cell can physically pull out suns, planets, blackholes and other such astronomical bodies from within herself and use them as weapons.

My goal is to start my own foundation and the title has helped me prepare for that, to prepare for my future in such a big way. Gravity Control - Miss Universe can control gravity at will throwing someone around a room with ease. And that is something that nobody will ever be able to take away from you.