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The following tables detail the available properties. Maryville Public Library web site.

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The following example shows a spine element corresponding to the manifest example above. When the role value is drawn from a code list or other formal enumeration, the scheme attribute should be attached to identify its source.

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Scroll down to Electronic Resources. Free with your library card. The prefix attribute provides a declaration mechanism for prefixes not reserved by this specification. The Manifest Properties Vocabulary is defined to be the default vocabulary for the item properties attribute. Use of the meta-auth property is deprecated.

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The Metadata Link Vocabulary is defined to be the default vocabulary for the link rel and properties attributes. Refer to Publication Resources for more information.

Specifies the Reading System should render a synthetic spread for the spine item in both portrait and landscape orientations. The collection element, as defined in this section, represents a generic framework from which specializations are intended to be derived e. Specific implementations of the collection element may tailor the requirements defined above to better reflect their needs e.

Linked documents include documents referenced from the href attribute of a and area elements and scripted links e. All raster and vector image types.

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Whitespace must not be included when concatenating the strings. Specifies that the Reading System can determine the orientation to rendered the spine item in. The prefixes defined in this document are maintained and updated separately of this specification and are subject to change at any time. The structural semantics of each link target within the landmarks nav element is determined by the value of this attribute.

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Note that the Media Queries only affect the style sheet applied to the document. Refer to each element's definition for the reserved vocabulary that can be used with the attribute.

Must not be set on a meta tag with a refines attribute. Package-level restrictions on the use of metadata elements may be overridden. All processors that read Package Documents should rigorously check the size and validity of data retrieved.

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Links to markup and code definitions are underlined and in red-orange monospace font. Reading Systems may also provide mechanisms to override the default direction e. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best, most relevant experience on our website. Authors may indicate a preference for dynamic pagination or scrolling. To allow Reading System to organize collections and avoid naming collisions e.

EPUB Packages 3.2

Refer to Publication Resource Locations for media type-specific requirements regarding resource locations. The spine defines the default reading order of the given Rendition. The file-as property provides the normalized form of the associated property for sorting. Attributes The metadata element has no attributes defined in this specification. Reading Systems that support multiple orientations should convey the intended orientation to the user, rakhee mp3 songs unless the given value is auto.

The order of the resources in the fallback chain represents the Author's preferred fallback order. The following example represents a more complete set of metadata that a Rendition will typically contain. Refer to Publication Resource Locations for more information. Your email address will not be published. The publication date is not the same as the last modified date the last time the Rendition was changed.

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As a result, they are subject to change at any time. The Cardinality field indicates the number of times the property must appear within the Package Document scope, and the Usage field indicates usage conditions. Each list item of the ordered list represents a heading, structure or other item of interest.

The following sections both define a set of properties for use in package metadata and constitute a referenceable vocabulary. When the identifier-type value is drawn from a code list or other formal enumeration, the scheme attribute should be attached to identify its source. It identifies the resources in the Rendition and provides metadata information. This great author has written several books and novels. This property must not be specified on an itemref that also specifies the page-spread-right or page-spread-left properties.