How to Liquidate Assets for a Will Settlement

Liquidating estates

Ad Often times if you do this job yourselves, you can lose a fortune by underpricing some things, and not selling others by overpricing. Attorneys who handle estate work should be able to direct you to an honest auctioneer. The auction house picks up your merchandise, takes it to an auction house, sells it and you receive a check.

Local lawyers should also be able to recommend someone. In order to answer that question, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each and evaluating your situation is crucial.

Then if you are not prepared for it, his offer may give you a heart attack. But this is the way to go as its not drawn out. An estate liquidation company will net approximately the same amount as an auctioneer and has similar commissions. It seems like a horrendous job.

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Ebay is a great place to see what things did sell for, but better to look at other estate sales and antique markets to see what things are going for in your area. Things that we may need one day, stuff we are going to repair when we get around to it, items we never use, but are too good to throw away. It isn't a bad thing if done right, as long as you get an honest price for the items. If you have a liquidation sale, the liquidators have arranged the house to its best advantage.

The two of you agreeMost liquidators will charge a

How to Liquidate Assets for a Will Settlement

The two of you agree on a price, you get the money, he gets the furniture. Ad Questions Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Most liquidators will charge a commission of a percentage of the net profit.

Do not sell your items to somebody telling you your items are worth nothing but just to help out he'll give you x amount of dollars for everything just to get it off your hands and haul it away. This might be a guideline in case you choose to do that. Just think, all the liquidation sale attendees seeing and talking about your home for sale. The liquidator will display your merchandise to its best advantage within the house, usually taking about a week to complete this.

The time involved is about two weeks from initial contact. This guide is about liquidating an estate.

If you've done your homework, you shall have good memories about the people coming to shop. We really need to make the best profit but don't know which direction to go.

Ad One estate I settled had only a few nice antique items, which I sold to a local dealer. Your options really depend on how much time and energy you have.