Laws of success with women and dating

Laws of success with women and dating

Objectify your demons so that you control them instead of them controlling you. The first law of success is to accept everything. Do not become a cold-calculating machine. You are as much part of this world as anyone else.

They are looking for a guy. Make a list of people you hate and those you admire. Early on when I first started learning pickup, I got good at my developing my own technique for approaching women which I fine-tuned over time. Fear in our present society is largely overrated. The best way to find out what a woman is interested in, is by talking to her and interacting with her.

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If you find you dislike someone this can teach you a lot about yourself. Get into the abundance mindset. They find that very attractive. Take yourself to the next level. They start wanting to compete with you, try making a point of being smarter than you, might say things that sound insulting.

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Make yourself a priority in your life and do what is right for yourself and achieving the goals that you want to achieve. Be confident, learn the right eye contact. Some people play to not lose and some people play to win.

Work smarter than anyone else. Put your priorities first and before anyone. Get a clear picture of the person you want to be. Turn everything into an adventure. Be complete and be balanced.

Toss the insecurity coin away and build genuine confidence. Go in expecting that you will be the high status person in the room.

Looking away while talking is a high status symbol. Learn how to tell an interesting story about anything.

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