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My true love of this series has mostly to do with the fact that, while it employs a lot of common tropes and cliches, it doesn't drag them out into exhaustion. And it concluded rather nicely without too much dead space filled with unnecessary detail. Nonetheless, I have my few classic favorites that may not be the best series in the world, but they definitely hold memorable places in my heart.

Jin ho isn't interested at all, but Tae hoon is madly in love with Hye mi and keeps begging Jin ho to treat her better while also continuing to pine away for her attention. While these thoughts had crossed my mind as well, I can't a hundred percent say that I'm resentful towards Lee Yeon Jae for all of this. This all takes place soon after she finds out that her boyfriend, Chang ryul, tells her he wants to break up since he hasn't got the balls to be honest. Good chemistry all around. In fact, I considered watching this series only because of Yoon Eun Hye and finally picked it up and sat through it because of Kang Ji Hwan.

Setting all of that aside, the series itself wasn't too bad. The reason why it was heartwarming was because it showed a nice love line that made you smile at every and all antics. Unwittingly, Kae in destroys the chances for happiness of the scheming couple. And then I read about the raving of Kim Jaejoong's break out performance and saw a lot of the hype going around about how Protect the Boss was such a great series. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah had great chemistry with all of their passion and breathtaking sensual-ness zeroed in on their tango scenes.

Soon enough Seojun let out a yell in fear as your dad charged towards the two of you. In the end you and Seojun were having a good laugh about everything. Protect the Boss I first picked up this series right after I completed Heartstrings.

These are the things that make up a great hero progression story line. At the hospital, the nurses keep talking smack behind his back, calling him a loser and saying that they wish his brother, Shuichi, would return. It was action-packed, it was dark, it was moody, and it really was just an adrenaline rush of excitement.

As it is, it gave you small bits and pieces of temptation and then left it there for you to interpret as you liked it. You hid behind Seojun as he had you asked the wall keeping Sechan from keeping him from getting your tag before he wrapped his arms around him and you rushed around and ripped his tag off. Don't even get me started on the pathetic love lines. He's actually going to marry In hee the next day, and vicious In hee wants Chang ryul to be the one to drop the massive bomb in Kae in's lap, not her. Why it didn't hook me in the first time around, I don't know.

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These are the things that

Jin ho breaks up the conversation to accuse Chang ryul of being a loser, and then Kae in yells at Jin ho for interrupting the anticipated proposal. You guys moved so quick that your dad found out about you dating around the same time you were about to get engaged. She's turning this way and that, leaning this way and that way, innocently shoving her ass or cleavage in his face, and Jin ho is struggling to keep his cool.

At the hospital the nursesIt was actionpacked it was