Concert Band Instrumentation

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Eb Flute At one time there was another kind of flute pitched in Eb, called the Eb Flute, that was often used in bands. Performing the same role that the string section would in an orchestra, clarinets provide much of the body of sound in the band.

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They are used in almost every type of music, from formal orchestral music to heavy rock, where they form part of a drum kit. The result is a shimmering brassy sound that is used to emphasize and add body to musical passages. Playing the bassoon involves great effort to overcome its considerable weight, and agility to control its awkward keywork system. The word flute covers a wide range of woodwind instruments, in which sound is produced by directing air across the edge of a hole. They have a very high and pure sound.

Technicaly, for a concert band we should only use euphoniums and not baritones. Contrabass clarinets are also sometimes called Pedal Clarinets, term that is sometimes used in England and other European countries.

It plays in concert-pitch. The xylophone's ringing notes make it a colourful addition to the percussion section of a band or orchestra, but it can also sound eerie and chilling. To produce music, the double bass can be bowed or plucked. Pitched between the piccolo and the flute, it was sometimes used instead of the piccolo in band arrangments where the high range of the piccolo was not needed.

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We also use it for some more modern music to create unorthodox sounds like wind-rushing through trees. They are twice as big as a bassoon and sound an octave lower. Conga Drums aka Congas The conga drums are a large pair of drums that are played used one's hands. Suspended Cymbal The suspended cymbal is a large cymbal mounted on a stand which is played by rolling using two soft yarn mallets.

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In relation to other Latin American drums, the timbales sound higher than congas, but lower than bongos. There are usually at least three Bb clarinet parts and a solo part spread amongst clarinetists. The flugel horn is also pitched in Bb and has the same range as a trumpet.