Katniss and Peeta Mellark's daughter

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They were met by Peeta's teary eyed blue eyes. People are punished for their crimes, mines are shut down for two weeks, etc. As I finished setting the table I lit the candles. Katniss alliance with Rue.

Well I guess I got myself here. Chapter one As I approached the door to our victor's home Peeta and I moved in together with my game bag in hand, I was overcome by many things.

Katniss has a nightmare in which Clove turns into a mutt. Just as I finished, I heard Peeta's footsteps on the front porch and ran to greet him. She retrieves it from Glimmer's bloated body, but as she's about to run away, her hallucinations start occurring.

The next thing I knew, the hovercraft was hurtling toward the ground. On the day of the Games, Cinna dresses Katniss in her uniform for the games. Katniss said that she miscarried due to an electric shock in the arena. They manage to pickup Gale on a countertop provided by an old woman of her clothing stall. Cato tries to climb up after Katniss, but crashes to the ground because he is too heavy for the branches to hold.

Madge brings her mother's box of vials containing Morphling, a kind of medicine. He's suffering from a severe cut on his leg that Cato gave him, tracker jacker stings, and multiple burns. Katniss is, at first, outraged at her own behavior, later thinking she shouldn't have shot the pig, crying in her bed.

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Katniss and Peeta Mellark's daughter

She then takes Rue and Marvel's backpacks, knowing that she would have wanted Katniss to have them. After she runs away, she blacks out from the tracker jacker venom.

We needed to wait for you to be conscious for the test. He put his arms around me. Haymitch advises her not to show her all of her skills until the private sessions with the Gamemakers. Rue provides a distraction while Katniss checks out the Career camp. Katniss gets severely hurt.

It had not even crossed her mind, but, when her sister was picked, she volunteered to save her, in hopes that she could actually win. Katniss is almost killed in the bloodbath when Clove aims a knife at her head.

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Later, this is seen as an act that defied the Capitol. Next thing I knew I was up in the hovercraft being greeted by Effie, and Plutarch. Their daughter already knows that they had a role in the Games, but one day, it will have to be explained in more detail.

Next thing I knew I

He motions to Katniss that she was unsuccessful in convincing their love. He wants nothing more than to support me. You have a broken right wrist and a fractured left foot. After some time, Katniss decides to kill him out of pity, not vengeance. When Katniss whistled for Peeta and he did not answer, she ran towards him and the two argue for a bit until a cannon fires.