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Fixed the size of furniture in subgroups when their parent group is resized. Added a cross hatch pattern for walls. The application polls the reference queue to get references that have changed reachability state.

Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition 11 Installation Notes

Moved the aerial view point of view closer to the first piece of furniture added to an empty home. Ensured walls created with a double-click on a room don't overlap existing ones. Added contextual popup menus.

Changed how selected objects are displayed in such a way that their bounding box is always visible even if some objects are hidden by other ones. Added the ability to calculate math expressions in numeric fields. Added support for auto completion in the name text fields displayed modification panes suggested texts comes from previous entered texts and are saved in preferences. Data structures that aggregate objects are the focus of the java.

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Improved the computing of the elevation of a round ceiling close to a round slopping wall. Typically this is a file, but can also be a console or network socket. Saved recently used textures in user profile to restore them at program start.

Fixed a font issue that didn't display correctly Chinese text in the plan under Windows and Linux. Check the download file size.

Fixed wrongly computed threshold of doors larger than the side of a room. Fixed a bug that didn't place in front the window of big projects when they are reopened. Updated keywords in the default furniture catalog and furniture libraries to simplify the search of similar objects. Managed the change of user interface language in preferences. Automatic selection of text fields in dialog boxes when they get focus with a tab key.

Fixed wrongly displayed rectangular textures when rotated. Added Materials option in the furniture modification pane to edit the various materials colors or textures of the selected furniture. No new empty home is created at application relaunch.

Java Platform Standard Edition

Added a Door frame piece of furniture to catalog. Fixed a bug that prevented side by side alignment of superimposed pieces of furniture to work. Fixed angle of grouped furniture according to the angle of leading selected piece. This package, along with javax. The current position of the file pointer is returned by the getFilePointer method.

Displayed level menu items in a separate contextual menu bound to level tabs. If no encoding is specified, spoken english lessons mp3 the program uses the default encoding for the platform.

Checked the size of the image chosen in the background image and texture import wizards to propose to reduce it if it's very large. Managed walls modification with active magnetism. In the furniture list, appended an icon to the name of each piece with a defined information property, and displayed this information in a popup after a click on the icon. Allowed parameterization of the SunFlow rendering engine with properties retrieved from resource properties file or from System properties. Fixed a bug that auto completed wrongly text fields at the initialization of their dialog box.

Fixed an issue that prevented program launch when the name of imported libraries contained a very long string of digits. Fixed a bug that prevented from viewing dialog boxes placed out of the main screen after a configuration change in a multi screen environment. Added visual guides to align the ends of a wall with the ends of other walls. Reset focus correctly after the import furniture wizard is closed. Java has an expressive system of references and allows for special behavior for garbage collection.

System Requirements

The filter classes all accept another compatible stream object as a parameter to the constructor and decorate the enclosed stream with additional features. Fixed a bug that prevented from computing correctly the location of doors and windows and that made the plan view blank. Updated Spanish help pages. Added German localization of help pages written by Thomas Zimmermann. Fixed a bug that applied the resolution scale factor too many times on user interface.

Updated help pages only in English and French in this version. The naming convention has been changed several times over the Java version history. Added to the jar files of the Online version the required attributes that avoid some security warnings under latest Java version. Fixed a bug that prevented from displaying some parts of a room ceiling with a complex shape smaller that the upper floor room.

Managed the heights of wall start and end points to create garrets. Updated Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian and Swedish help files. The following table shows the Linux platforms, by locale, on which Sun has tested this release to at least a limited extent. Added a magnetism behavior during the drag and drop of a piece in the plan, when its borders approach the borders of an other piece of furniture.

System Requirements

Java Platform Standard Edition

Added the ability to create the walls around a room by double-clicking in that room. Managed memory better when a home is closed.