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This drama is fun and fast, utilizing its talented sprawling cast marvelously. When Yuan general Dangkise learns that Seung Nyang is a girl, he has her dressed as one and taken to his tent to be ravaged.

These actors have so thoroughly transformed, they almost don't look like themselves. He hears about the plot and races to save Ta Hwan for the sake of saving Goryeo from becoming a Yuan colony. Loser has to listen to the winner.

They are tied up back-to-back in a pole all night. These two with constant skin skip.

She slaps him when he tries to bandage her up. She sees him playing an instrument and he offers to teach her so she can impress the ladies. She tells him that she will wait for him. He tries to bandage her up and gets slapped for his trouble.

She takes an arrow in the leg for him. The latter is what Empress Ki is, zero historical accuracy other than borrowing names and major events, dating online through but it acknowledges it with a huge disclaimer that this story is all made up. His idea of teaching is the sit behind her and make her all tingly and uncomfortable with the male awareness. We're still only getting glimpses of our bad guys. She ends up escaping with him when the assassins come again to kill him.

Seung Nyang needs a man, not a puppy. Wang Yoo tries to race to save her but sees her and Ta Hwan falling down a cliff. Now sageuk means that all the way to straight up fantasy make-believe but slapped with the names and events from history. Seung Nyang is also taken to be a slave. Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are even perfect together at the press conference in complementary black and white.

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How she calls out for her Jeonha and he screams out her name. Her love with Goryeo King Wang Yoo makes her marriage to Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan acceptable since she is sacrificing the man she loves for the country they both love. The drama starts with Seung Nyang marrying Ta Hwan, which has about as much romance as marrying your nemesis to stab him during the wedding night.

Along the way, Wang Yoo takes an arrow to stick up for the mistreatment of Goryeo hostages. This one needs no discussion, just watch and laugh. My head hit my desk and I pressed stop on the video. He tells her that he will come back for her. He gets down to her level to talk to her and then pulls her up for a hug.

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Which probably-evil man do I look forward to more? He princess carries her back to his place. Wang Yoo is way too happy to see Seung Nyang again.

It was days before I made my way back, and thank god I did because Empress Ki has turned out ever so watchable.

How they cry for each other even in front of their enemies. The year turned out to be a particularly prolific year for Baek, as he took leading and supporting roles in four films. She takes an arrow to the leg to protect him.

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Seung Nyang leaves on a mission that takes her to the camp of the exiled Yuan dynasty crown prince Ta Hwan. Promising they will stay alive for each other.