Jiri trnka zahradating

Jiri trnka zahradating

He always gave his eyes a look indefinable. So we can say that there is this free spirit and certain social and political criticism in it, which is something pretty rare for animation films. Song of the Prairie Another Trnka masterpiece, a parody of the wild American West, where the pistol rules the roost, timidity has no place, and love blossoms at first sight.

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The film attracted international attention to Czech animation and was awarded at many festivals, including the Venice Film Festival. It received several awards at international festivals. His studio had a trained team of animators, among which especially Bretislav Pojar was credited as responsible for the animation of many of Trnka's films. Trnka was the art director on this early warning against drunk driving. In some cases, his job as an illustrator gave him ideas for making animated films, as happened with Bajaja and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The glove is a masterstroke. He neglected, however, the production of any animated feature-length puppet film.

In Trnka animated films the music also had an important role. Unlike the previous, it is a real feature film with one single storyline. Although his father was a plumber and his mother a dressmaker, both remained very close to their peasant origins.

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An artist, happy in his life, devotes his time making a pot for his favorite flower. Although the film initially had no problems with censorship, after his death copies were confiscated and banned from public display in Czechoslovakia for two decades. The hand begins enticing him in various ways, offering money, praise, force, erotics, indoctrination, and so on. He resists at first, but the hand is all powerful and he is forced to submit, at the cost of his liberty and ultimately his life.

But a giant hand appears and orders him to create a statue of a hand instead. However, his preferred method, and that which gave him worldwide fame, was stop-motion puppet work.

In its facelessness it is as scary as it is symbolic for the invisible hand of totalitarian power. Trnka had previously illustrated this book so he knew it well. This Czech puppet maker and animator left a masterpiece as his legacy. At the time, there already existed film adaptations of this work done with real actors but Trnka was the first to make an animated film about the character. Merry Circus Neither a puppet film nor a cartoon, but an entirely unique means of expression and technique.

Jiri Trnka's Masterpiece - Ruka - The Hand

He finally escapes and returns home only to be killed by the plant he loved so much because as he is trying to barricade himself into the room, the plant falls on his head and kills him. Trnka received the Illustrator award in for his lasting contribution. This gave one the impression that the puppet hid more than it showed, and its heart of wood stored even more.

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