Jay z dating blu cantrell

Jay z dating blu cantrell

Many proposed that Carmen was the catalyst for the beef between Nas and Jay-Z, to which she is actually quite proud. That has to be the first single.

Blu Cantrell and Jay-Z Relationship Details

The two were photographed together at a night club in Las Vegas, leading to the rumors that they were sleeping together. Surely she would be at the Met Gala too.

There are so many reports swarming around this hot gossip topic. Apparently, their connections go way back.

However JayZ or

Yet, it was much easier to find pics of Jay-Z with Rita, leading many to either call her out or spread rumors that she was involved in an affair. So now there is the three-way love drama between Carmen, Nas, and Kelis. She may be older now, but she is trying to rekindle her music career. However, their romance was short-lived, and the couple didn't appear together out in public. Charli finished that interview off by saying that Jay was self-centered when they were friends.

At least Jay-Z is out of that. There seems to be some dagger eyes between Bey and Free.

However, Jay-Z or Blu didn't provide their response to the media. During that same interview, viewers were calling in to say that they had seen Jay-Z in the hospital with Free. We mean, other than the perfect pairing of Beyonce and Jay-Z, of course.

She then talked about steamier details, such as the fact that they were very good friends. As for now, her fans will be patiently waiting for her new album's release. After those pics were leaked, the story continues and says that gossip and tabloid magazines started calling Cathy and asking for more information about her relations with the rapper.

During that same interview viewers were

Basically, she is set to rule the world and she has a song about that. The producer was tired from working in the studio from the night before, so he fell asleep in his bunk. Mya allegedly received several death threats when it was suspected that she was sleeping around with Mr.

Well, besides being part of that exclusive musical trio, she was also one of the hip hop cuties who dated Jay-Z way back when. Of course, there are suspicions that they may have hooked up in the past. People will reference the and Park segment where Beyonce appears on the show.

We mean other than the perfect