In search of pirate Black Jack

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The tribe treat Jack and Snuk to delicious food but are fattening them up for Kapow. After getting a giant coin, they all fall through the clouds giving the landlord his rent for the Sea Chicken. But Draclia has been expecting them. Death who is a caricature of Sammy Davis Jr.

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Jean tells Snuk his story and abuses Jack. Once inside the castle, Jack finds Victoria is a devil lady who does delightful tortures on Jack. Grunion, appears in the sea and only Snuk answers her previous question correctly, but loses the treasure. They meet the imitation crab Chuck. Before Snuk can get into a duel, Jack blows his cover.

However the treasure is cursed. Their cell mate Arturo tells them a treasure location. After much haunting, Jack finally gives it back.

Jack escapes with Snuk to avoid marrying the lake monster resulting in yet another missed gain. Jack is imprisoned by the witches and meets his cell mate Snuk. The remote cave contains enough sandy deposits to do an exploratory excavation in the hope of finding evidence of sealers and whalers, including the pirate and his crew. Jack manages to snap Snuk out of it and Snuk defeats Draclia.

The episode's plot is a homage to Hanna-Barbera. Jack is forced to fight Sir Percy for Sir Pansalot. Jack and Snuk impersonate each other.

Jack has a hard time surviving on the island, but Snuk takes it coolly and has better luck than Jack. They reach the Fortress of Ultimate Cutness with a poodle Taloose.

In attempt to steal the treasure box, Draclia zombifies Snuk and captures Jack. Angus Dagnabbit is the only one up to the job of catching the sea monster. After seeing a movie, Jack decides to teach the film director at Megamouth Studios what piracy really is. Jack barely gets cured in time and inflicts death on Mr.

On a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he said his surname may have come from the occupational name of blacksmith. Things go horribly wrong when they walk the seabed and they are taken prisoner by the Crustacians. They use the lamp and get sent into the lamp where they meet the Johnny.

Anderson is thought to be buried somewhere on Middle Island after members of his crew murdered him. He roamed the waters around Middle Island, robbing passing boats and ships.

Jack Black is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, musician and singer. Darsh is pretty dense for Jack since he listens to the Princess a lot and they both love each other.