Minka Kelly reveals why dating Derek Jeter was so hard

Is minka kelly dating derek jeter

They kept a low profile on their relationship and went on a few trips together. There are lots rumored romances and break-ups and make-ups.

Kelly initially gained fame from Friday Night Lights. Their romance happened a few weeks after Penn and Charlize Theron broke up, so it was most likely a rebound.

Many fans accused Williams of infidelity, but Kelly shot down those rumors. They began dating in summer and confirmed their relationship in October of that year. Their fling was brief, but they both moved on. He's the Yankees captain, everything lies on his shoulders.

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After Valderrama split with Demi Lovato in he was spotted back with Kelly. The couple dated for nearly three and a half years. We are good friends, and we always have been.

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Afterward, Mayer went on to date Jennifer Aniston. Even before she was uber famous, Kelly was snagging celebrity men. Check out her full dating history below. Despite being super public about their relationship they never talked about their romance to the press while together or after they broke up.

In other words, he liked the Friday Night Lights -era Minka. Kelly denied they were back together or even dated. Their relationship started three months after Williams split with his ex-wife Aryn Drake -Lee. They began dating soon after he separated from his first wife, Lisa Askey.

News that although it never really got ugly between the two, Derek preferred how the relationship was before Minka started hitting it really big with The Roommate and Charlie's Angels. In they were both hanging out in Paris sparking dating rumors again, but they went nowhere. If you look back at his relationships, as some of the girls started to rise in fame, that's when they broke up.

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The couple dated in but split up after a year of dating. Kelly has a messy dating history. As both started to feel the pressure of their jobs, the relationship just came second. Kelly was definitely a rebound for Faison.

Minka Kelly reveals why dating Derek Jeter was so hard

He has a history of it, and he's just repeating it with Minka. Kelly tweeted that she and Penn were just friends, but they continued to go out together. Their breakup in August blindsided fans because they seemed to be the real deal.