Infj dating problems in college

Infj dating problems in college

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When you're feeling comfortable in your own skin. They are oriented to values and connection, and will search for meaning in the information they take in.

It's not realistic to expect one person to be perfect, or to give you all the things you need. The fact is, you can't plan love. While they are warm-hearted and empathetic individuals, they can also go off into their own world and forget about others until they come back out again. So, take care of yourself as much as you can.

Since you're looking for a soul

Since you're looking for a soul bond with someone, and not simply a casual fling, it makes sense to connect with people who share the same interests. Finding out for sure if someone is interested in you is a huge relief and can help you put your relationships on the right path - romantic or platonic.

One of their flaws is overthinking

Find Jayne at White Rose Copywriting. One of their flaws is overthinking things that are much simpler than they make them out to be or over analyzing situations before they proceed.

They think deeply and often need time to process and evaluate before they are ready to share their ideas. Taking things slowly is good. We have high expectations in relationships. Perhaps you could join a group, take a class, or accept invitations to hang out with people you may not know very well - these are good ways of widening your social circle.