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Unfortunately, Impulse is a pretty terrible book, with severe issues of mental health being tackled sort of horribly and a shitty love triangle no one cares about. Impulse is a very short, but very powerful story. Copyrights Impulse from BookRags. Ellen writes this book in verse, lagu lagu terbaru like several of her other books.

Ellen Hopkins

Everyone thinks she beautiful and sweet. Like anyone thinks like this.

And some of my favorite quotes are from him. What about relationships, especially family? Something about reading isn't as real as hearing a cutter idolize cutting and describe it.

It lets you deep inside on how life is for these kinds of teens. Far too long of a list of complex issues for an author to deal with and execute well in one novel. They don't help the characters at all. This book would be great to read if you think your life's shit. And it pushes the one over the edge to have an affair with an older person, but when that ends, it pushes them over the edge.

The three main characters are living in treatment facility and each has attempted suicide. She took on too many issues with only three characters, and it quickly approached a point where she didn't even bother exploring these important issues in an inoffensive way.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This book didn't paint an accurate description of what actually goes on in a professional health facility. Vanessa's abortion plot is so pointless.

All these characters could've been redeemable, but they're really not fleshed out? Mental health facilities can be toxic places, yes, but they can also be great rehabilitation centers. Drugs, as well as a host of other things, plagued the youth in this book. Tony - I found his personality and point of view the best out of threesome. Vanessa grew up in a broken family.

In juvie for years and years from killing the molester. Why not make a list of all the horrible things that could happen and try to incorporate it into one book?

Impulse (Hopkins novel)

Over the following weeks, the three teenagers become friends with one another and they learn more about each other. It's uncomfortable and actually kind of insulting.

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It's just that these books don't portray the reality of being depressed or bipolar, to me. Conner is in a perfect family, and all he wants to do is kill himself.

But the entire sexuality-change storyline is portrayed in an incredibly homophobic way here. Apart from the breakup with Emily, Conner's pain comes from his parents who are perfectionists and who expect nothing less than perfection from Conner. This article has multiple issues. One star for effort and emotion.

The attraction grows then Conner starts to turn weird since he doesn't take his meds. While everything that I have written below is still accurate and should, and will, stay in this review, I honestly really enjoyed reading this book. Sticking with a negative view of rehabilitation places in every book strikes me as a bad message. Vanessa, reeling from a breakup with her boyfriend Trevor, and unstable following an abortion Trevor induced, is driven to suicide. He likes to escape all his questions and confusing life by overdosing on pills and different kinds of medicines.

Most of all, it makes me want another kiss exactly like this one. His thoughts are gross and often revolve around sex. This book probably would have been good if the teenagers had acted like teenagers! Who knows, I might do so down the road, but for right now, it's staying the same. Her chapters were boring and she was the most undeveloped of the group.

Maria rated it really liked it. Yet another teen fiction author who was never a teen herself. They are all about teens and their everyday struggles. Conner is going through a severe case of heartbreak after his relationship with his girlfriend is over. It seemed unnecessary to me, to be honest.

Impulse Summary & Study Guide

The story also implies that Tony needed to realize he was straight in order to recover. And the way she would describe her dad as if she hated him, then as if he was the greatest person in the world was just very confusing. Everything was so real, and I actually thought I was going to have trouble keeping up with the writing style, but no, it was really easy to follow and to get into it. He was the most interesting of the three.

Ellen Hopkins has shown me how lucky I am for having a good life. The fact is, this is my third read by Ellen Hopkins and all of the books I've read so far have affected me quite deeply. Hopkins felt they needed their own story after the release of Triangles. The main character blatantly says that love is the only thing that can cure her. And again, this review isn't meant to be an attack on you.

Tony's mom is crazy and his dad left him. Tony is another of the three main characters.

Ellen Hopkins

The reasons seem to be typical - Vanessa suffers from bipolar disorder and cutting is her only way to get her mood swings under control. Each of the teens in this story attempted suicide, and all for different reasons.

Read more from the Study Guide. Not even seriously depressed ones. Tony was sexually abused by one of his mother's boyfriends, and ended up killing the boyfriend. They wind up in a treatment camp called Aspen Springs, and eventually find each other.


Every adult in this facility was either a villain or incompetent. In prison, to survive, Tony exchanged sexual favors with other males to get by. Or they walk on eggshells around the subject hoping you will pull from it what they want you to, but you just end up feeling nothing, because proper explanations or details were never given. It does not encourage those going through similar things to seek help from adults and professionals, which is such a missed opportunity. Instead, the characterization was often either flat as in the case of Conner and his family or full of holes as in the case of Tony.