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Another name song added Original Author Unknown Oh what do you think my name is? Circle Time Welcome Songs. Stay up to date with Let's Play Music!

Then we sit down quietly, Quietly, Quietly Then we sit down quietly, So early in the morning. It's so nice so, very nice to see you How do you do? Click here to tell a friend about this site!

Hello - Super Simple Songs

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. You may want to teach them the actions before you start the song. We are here to work and here to play. Hello songs for circle time are a special bit of magic all their own.

We worked real hard and played with friends And on Monday Tues, etc. Many of the songs featured also include links to the Mama Lisa website, where you can find recordings, videos and sheet music. Is at this moment when songs in English come in handy. Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you.

Jambo comes from the Swahili language, a language spoken in many parts of Africa, and means welcome. The you go through the class Good morning Cody how are you?

This is important for teaching how to be a great friend. This catchy song might be in your head all day long though. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. And so on until the end than you say sit down. What an interesting and valuable job you do!

This song helps teach listening skills as well as learning parts of your body! Tell me how you are today.

Wooden Train whistle if desired. When you say Choo-choo Raise one hand in the air to pull the cord on the invisible whistle! How are you today Thumb up fingers closed How are you today Thumb up fingers closed. Open, shut them Open, shut them. Shake hands with Garrett next to you Continue around the circle we include the teachers too.

Hello and Goodbye Songs

It will make them have even more fun when you sing the song in class. That's my name, That's my name. They make a familiar, reassuring start to the routine of the day.

Oh, it's time to say good-bye to all my friends. Hello Lyrics Hello, hello, I like to say hello!

You probably recognize this one! Greeting added Original Author Unknown.

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Learn English with our topics Alphabet. They are aware of these social clues and try to copy this behavior. This shows how fun working together can be.

This song incorporates actions and stretches which helps clear minds and get wiggles out. She enjoys reading, drawing, traveling and spending time with her family. It is extra fun when an adult is being silly with them.

This is a great hello song from the talented Nancy Kopman. Hello, hello, shalom, shalom. Hello, hello, hello Hello, hello, rog hindi movie hello How are you? Song finishes when everyone has been welcomed.

Hello Hello - Super Simple Songs

Jbrary shares the wonderful and fun See You Later Alligator. It is never easy to say goodbye! This the way we start the day, So early in the morning. Screen it first to make sure it works for your needs. We're glad you're here to laugh and play, We hope you'll have some fun today, You're welcome, welcome everyday.

Good morning to you dear teacher, dear teacher, dear teacher. That's my name, that's my name. This can encourage kindness and friendship. We're glad you came to play.

Mrs. Jones - Sing Along Hello and Goodbye Songs

Hello Hello

Thought it would be great to begin and end a session properly. Simply play the song and do the actions and sing with your students.