Health & Safety Signs

Common symbols or pictograms were introduced and tested throughout all European countries to ensure that the symbols were easily understood and recognised. There are many knock-on benefits too, of better safety at work - higher staff morale - less down time - lower insurance costs - improved public profile.

Warning Hazard Fire & more

In essence, this is the standardisation of all symbols so that they are internationally recognised by all European member states. This handy guide will help you decide. To ensure you enjoy the best possible online experience with us, this site uses cookies.

Safety and Health Initiatives in Education. Health and Safety Courses Online. Health and Safety Executive. Due to the increased number of non-native speaking workers in each European country, gif powerpoint background text-based safety instructions were no longer deemed sufficient. Workplace Transport Safety Load Securing.

Accidents and Behaviour Bullying at Work. This guide will answer the questions most frequently asked by our customers. We also make customised safety labels to order such as plant and equipment labels, floor graphics and labels for the storage and transport of chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry. This is helped by the use of easily recognisable symbols, such as fire exit running man, no smoking and chemical hazard.

Teacher Support and Classroom Resources. They should be used to convey a clear, unambiguous message that can be easily understood by everyone, even when English is not their first language. Drill holes can be added at the time of manufacture for a minimum cost - please call one of our sales team for more information. This guidance is for employers, dutyholders and others who have responsibility for the control of workplaces, sites and premises. Healthy, safe and productive lives and enterprises.

They consist of a white graphic on a blue circle. They consist of a black graphic on a yellow triangle. They consist of a black graphic on a red circle. When and where do you need to use Mandatory Symbols? The version of the Regulations included in the document has been amended to reflect those changes.

We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience Close. Other key messages that may need to be conveyed are the need to keep fire exit doors clear and to prohibit certain actions, such as no smoking. By using our website, you agree to the use of our cookies. Click the accept button to hide this notification. Adhesive rigid plastic is solid but again with a self-adhesive backing for fuss-free application.

Health & safety signs

Unless there is emergency lighting or a source of natural light, then the honest answer is probably no. Lucey Transport Logistics. Simply peel off the protective backing strip and stick where needed. They consist of a white graphic on a green square. They consist of a white graphic on a red square.

This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience. How to control risks at work Managing for health and safety Consulting employees on health and safety. Please contact us with the specific graphic and label requirements for your organisation. Also details finishes and fixings available.

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Strategy in Workplace Health Workplace Stress. They do not require any special maintenance or specialist equipment and will glow in the dark.

Self-Adhesive vinyl is quick and easy to apply with the minimum of fuss. Vinyl is flexible and is therefore ideal for adhering to curved or slightly uneven surfaces.

Health & safety signsHealth & safety signs