Harvest moon magical melody friendship dating

Harvest moon magical melody friendship dating

If you want to marry Gina, your rival is Alex. She is deathly afraid of strangers. You climb by pressing the A button, and you must dodge falling boulders. Upon entering the Sanatorium for the first time, you will come face-to-face with Gina, the care-taker of an ill girl, Dia. When you enter the tool shop for the first time.

Magical Melody is the first entry without the involvement of the main developers from Victor Interactive Software. Louis is a kind soul who loves the village, and thus visits it often. She carries a strong love for flowers and often tends to the crops at their farm. Theodore is the mayor of the village. However, it is possible for you to see him at the Swimming Festival, but you will not officially meet him.

If you want to marry Ann, your rival is Blue. If you want to marry Maria, your rival is Ray. However, he hangs around the town in search of money, and will end up working for Ronald at the Paradise Orchard later on. He gives you great deals on upgraded tools, but you must bring him ore first. You will be around a campfire with Theodore and your loved one, Theodore will run off and you will get some time along to talk.

These can be found on multiple levels of the mine, which you can obtain by standing on the cracks and falling through to lower levels. When you enter the Atelier Saibara shop for the first time. He is also very soft-spoken.

If you want to marry Gwen, your rival is Bob. After you meet her, she will wander around the Village on the weekends so long as the weather is clear. She came to stay at the sanatorium to recover from surgery, with the help of her care-taker, Gina. He will then open the Perch Inn at the beginning of Summer, and show up during the weekend if there is good weather, until it is built. Your love interest will come to your door and ask if you would like to float a bamboo boat down the river with them.

If you want to marry Gwen

When you enter the Blue Sky Ranch for the first time. If you want to marry Katie, your rival is Joe. As soon as Ronald constructs the Paradise Orchard, Dan will begin to work there. Much like her mother, Nina is quite cheerful.

Befriend her and she will open a gift shop. Each time you black-out from exhaustion, you will appear at the Clinic and Alex will scold you for not taking care of your body.

She came to stay at theAfter you meet her she will