Guard your emotions dating

Guard your emotions dating

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Creed's tactical genius overcomes even the vaunted Aeldari powers of prescience, securing an overwhelming victory by the Cadian Shock Troops at the very gates of Aurent's Hive Primus. The Imperial Army was a vital part of the expedition fleets sent out to claim the stars in the Emperor's name. As the bounds of Mankind's conquests spread ever further outward, so the original Space Marine Legions were spread thin. Yet even such illustrious and all-conquering heroes could only be in so many places at once. Innumerable worlds fall to xenos invasions, Chaos insurgency and internal strife.

The Imperium had learnt a painful lesson from the dark days of the Horus Heresy, one its rulers were determined never to repeat in the grim days to come. Squadrons of Wyvern Suppression Tanks are deployed, their withering bombardments of shrapnel cutting apart the masses of tight-packed Chaos Cultists filling the streets. This rapid outpouring of force leaves many planets all but undefended, their regiments engaged in long and gruelling campaigns across the vast expanse of the galaxy. Once again, Cadia is his primary target, but more than the fate of this one planet is at stake. Segmentum Command are put to death en masse by their own Commissarial advisors, who then voluntarily submit themselves for Inquisitorial mindwipe.

Though many are destroyed, some reach their destinations and the hideous Zombie Plague. The Black Legionaries launch a harrowing assault on the Monarchive, slaughtering the Planetary Defence Forces garrisoned in the capital. Only when Loyalist regiments and the Adeptus Astartes rally under the banner of the preacher Sebastian Thor is the strife ended.

Operations, structure and command were brutally compartmentalised. Only when the Great Unclean One at their head is slain by Castellan Blakov's heroism does the daemonic tide recede.

The Imperial Army

Doctrines such as the Codex Astartes and Tactica Imperium are drawn up and implemented to ensure that large-scale military rebellion will never again be possible. They also garrison major locations of strategic or cultural interest to the Imperium and are often found in defensive roles. Numerous worlds defect, initiating the protracted Damocles Crusade. Yet every single company, every single squad, every single Imperial Guardsman who lifts their Lasgun and takes a stand in defence of their species, is crucial. Yet still the soldiers of Humanity muster for war across the galaxy, ready to stand against the most terrible foes it has to offer, for the Emperor and for Holy Terra.

When the Hammeront fail to deploy as ordered, the Departmento Munitorum charges the regiment with desertion. The greatest enemy threats are torn apart in the crossfire of thousands of heavy weapons, or smashed aside by the gallant charge of hundreds of Imperial tanks. Though Vandire's motive to eradicate the rampant corruption within the Imperium appears pure, his own reign brings about nightmarish levels of destruction. Among them is the Astra Militarum, leadership of which is distributed amongst the various Militarum Regimentos.

Countless others do not reappear at all. Ghazghkull opens the war by completely obliterating Hades Hive from orbit, a clear challenge to Commissar Yarrick. Casualties are high on both sides, for the cultists fight furiously, swarming the Loyalist defences time and again with tides of malformed horrors.

The Imperial Army, as it was, ceased to exist. Countless tides of Imperial Guardsmen are committed to the Gothic warzone alongside three whole Titan Legions and numerous Space Marine battlegroups. Regiments are raised from every planet within ten light years, including the worlds of Barac, Ulani, and Catachan. Neither side can gain an advantage until Sentinel teams locate and destroy the Orks Stompa factory, hidden deep in the Widow Valley. Shorn of their autonomy and watched closely for disloyalty, the newly renamed Imperial Guard were now a codependent organisation.