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By then all prefectures of the new state, except Gjirokstra in the south, theo taylor dating personals remained in the hands of the Albanian government. British Liaison officers in Albania noted that the Communists were using the arms they received to fight fellow Albanians far more than to harass the Germans.

We shall leave you free in all your internal affairs and shall not interfere with them. Many hesitated, in particular when rumors spread that British forces were preparing to invade Albania. Kosovo Albanian leaders, however, realizing that a German defeat would mean a return to Yugoslav rule, were more willing to cooperate.

By mid-August there were some six thousand German troops in Albania. This caused some alarm at the German foreign ministry who argued that these neutral states should not be approached, but that states under German control might be asked to extend recognition. We ask for your obedience and those who do not obey will be punished.

At the same time Frasheri began negotiations for the establishment of diplomatic relations with Switzerland and Turkey. We come to Albania not as enemy but as friends, and there is no reason you should be afraid.

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In line with Neubacher's policies towards Albania, reprisals on the civilian population for attacks on the German army were uncommon and certainly not as brutal as in other occupied territories. History of Albania In anticipation of such invasion, the Wehrmacht drew up a series of military plans for action against Italian holdings in the Balkans code-named Konstantin.

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Real estate in Albania today

Steps were also taken to implement a land reform. We shall leave Albania as soon as we consider necessary. There was no effort to forcibly recruit labour from Albania for the Reich, as it was incompatible with the notion of Albanian independence. Neubacher, already active in the Balkans as Hitler's representative for economic concerns, would become the key German figure in the balkans during the second half of the war. Scheiger, who had been to Albania before as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, was acquainted with many Albanian interwar politicians of influence on a personal basis.

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