Focus sport 2019 yahoo dating

Focus sport 2019 yahoo dating

Shown above, it unsurprisingly shares quite a bit with the hatchback, including that hashtag. Obviously the biggest news here is what we can expect from the traditionally more popular sedan body style. The current car is good enough but those in the rear do get less space than in its rivals. Now there seems to be at least one sedan variant in with the same color scheme out in the world testing. Instead, the Detroit show in January is a more likely bet.

Also, it seems that the wheelbase will increase quite a bit over the older car. With what appears to be a production-ready body, minimal camouflage, and even a hashtag, we likely won't have to wait long to see the production Focus sedan and hatchback. With it comes rear windows that aren't as tall so as to match the roofline. This became clear from last year when the development mules used a hacked-up body from the current generation. There's also an interesting amount of unadorned surface between the grille and the triangular fog lights.

The new body style should also allow for more trunk space without intruding inside the cabin. The tail lights have moved inward and the tailgate seems to be wider as well.

Despite that, the glass area still looks quite tall, almost awkwardly so. That was a hatchback, though. For the other levels, marks for each subject will be rounded off and presented as a whole number, without decimal points, to reduce the excessive focus on marks. There aren't many fresh revelations on the front of the Ford Focus sedan. These will likely feature new engines, more power, less weight and many improved interiors.

The sedan looks to be a bit longer than hatchback, which really accentuates the new, muscular fender creases. Though Ford hasn't given any specific date for when it will fully reveal the new Focus, we probably won't have to wait long. Both versions will likely be available, but on different trim levels. This has been a problem for the current car which offered a taller driving position that was great for visibility but poor for comfort.

We do see more of the fog lights, which stretch upward and mirror the angles of the grille. Anyway, because of the minimal coverings, we get a really clear look at the new hatchback body style. Also, it seems that most rumors seem to suggest that Ford will ditch the old C-car platform.

Currently, the Focus is one of the better-selling cars in its class with its great dynamic characteristics and powerful engines. As we mentioned, the fact that this car only has a wrap and even has a hashtag indicates Ford is all but ready to show the car. This will feature cylinder deactivation and it would be the same as in the upcoming Fiesta. However, its competitors are getting better so a new model will have to be released soon enough. This is likely due in part to the dip in the window sill in the middle.

Obviously the biggest news hereShown above it unsurprisinglyThe current car

The new model is expected to solve that while also offering a lower driving position. There are some more drawn-out curves that highlight and accentuate the wheel arches, giving it a more athletic look.