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In this instagram post from bassjacker's producer Ralph, you can see that he is using the Massive plugin. But as a rule we work hard to make sure we are creating new sounds. Using Native Instruments Massive Synth in the background of this photo. Install the plugin if needed. Gradually rotate the knob to the right, however, and it turns into a sawtooth.

They use Massive as one of their synthesizers. Native Instruments Massive is included in the list of software synths. Massive is a synth that offers an embarrassment of riches. These days, we expect more from our preset banks.

Xfer Serum Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer. The oscillators are slightly unusual in that you can morph from one waveform to another via a dedicated knob rather than them being a single, static shape.

Expression in a minimal framework. He mentions using this software synth in this interview more. Used for his compositions big room and dubstep, massive plugins it is one of the most used by Neo Toxic. Try to get jiggy with it, make some Dubstep stuff. How was your weekend so far?

Fractal discusses using Massive extensively in this group interview with SeamlessR more. Spag Heddy explains here that he uses Massive and Harmor for basses.

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His Facebook video post indicates very clearly him using Massive. Sugar Bytes Cyclop Software Synthesizer. It's kind of all the normal ones really! He uses a sin wave from Massive to do his sub bass he also makes sure to keep in in mono, and duck it from the kick and snare.

In this Walkthrough he made on his Track, he shows what he got. Synth Squad Software Synthesizers.

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Which ones do DirtyPhonics use most lately? One of Nicky Romero's go-to software synths is Massive. Protohype uses and recommends Massive in this video.

In multiple studio sessions he can be seen making some of his iconic bass and lead sounds with it. In the studio, I use Cubase, perry the platypus games the Waves plug-ins. Looking closely at the screen in Showtek's studio reveals they use Massive. This Pomplamoose music video shows usage of Native Instruments Massive for a split second.

Native Instruments Massive plugin can be seen on Ben's project more. Make sure you select Save As not Run.

Massive is great for developing your own sounds because with massive, anything goes. So many things really work straight out of the box, you have to be careful of that. Here is another synth that I use in every session.

Native Instruments Reaktor Software Synthesizer. You got to delete the database file for Massive. You will find here plenty of software, plugins, cracks, samples, presets and many more. Jordan Suckley uses Massive in this video.

Massive can be seen in this video. This is an all around great synth. So many great sounds can come from this. Follow your favorite labels.

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Massive is quite fun to program sounds with. Fuzzy, warm and blissful Synths - take the Dust Road to analogue heaven! It should be written in red font. Pocket Operators Tutorials.

You forgot to put producer in quotation marks, man. Meanwhile, he was explaining one of his techniques of achieving a great sub-bass. He says that he loves his plugins like Massive, etc. This Plugin can be seen in this Instagram video, uploaded by the artist himself. Skism public a video which showed his growls more.

Source Instagram post more. It's on his site equipment more. Do you have a preferred bass synth? In this Instagram video we can see he uses Massive.

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Thank you for your feedback! Do you use any of the plugins synthesisers? Join our comunity and become a real music producer. If installing an effect, follow the exact same steps. In this picture, Teminite is using Massive in a new collab more.

The Massive logo is just slightly obscured by the upper left corner of Kontakt. The default wavetable oscillator shape is called Square-Saw I, so when the wavetable position knob is turned hard left, the oscillator emits a square wave. In the corner of curbi's laptop you can see the Native Instruments Massive Interface more. We are here to get you into higher level of music.

Then once you arrange it, then you throw the fx over top of it. He crashes his Mercedes every time he attempts to go to the shops. All around, amazing plugin, you can do so many different things with the sound. Cookies make wikiHow better. The wavetables are great, the filters are great, the envelopes are great, and just about every other feature is better than most soft synths on the market.