The Deep Sea Research Facility

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The Research Center is

Examine it for the option to reset the place. Floors After defeating Bahamut the party can descend deeper into the facility.

Fixed Encounters with Tri-Faces This trick can only be utilized after the battle with Bahamut which has been explained above has been completed. The Research Center is located far from any land mass out in the vastness and serenity of the sea. If you can handle the hits you may also want to look into drawing as much Ultima magic from Ultima Weapon as you can. But you also get more curse spikes if you card-mod the tri-face cards. There should now be a save point just outside the hole which you should make use of right now.

If you can handle the

Let us start by explaining Ultima Weapons most painful attack called Light Pillar. If you are finding it difficult to defeat Bahamut you can use both Blind and Slow magic on him to reduce the frequency and accuracy of his attacks. It's a hidden spot in the southwest corner of the world map.

Fixed Encounters with TriFaces This trick

Each level is divided into three sectors. Believed to be an ocean floor ruin. Start proceeding down again. Bottom Floor The bottom floor has a hidden save point and a device that requires the use of ten steam pressure units to summon the Ultima Weapon. When the party reaches the bottom, Squall will use the last of his pressure units.

You can only land on it fly over it and land in the center if you already have the Ragnarok. Instead, junction ice magic to your attacks to make the fights much easier. Make your way down the hole that appeared right where the core and Bahamut used to be. When Bahamut is defeated the blue core is destroyed. The first area has a save point.