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Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy, the places that your heart takes you. Slowly they let the other in. Matt never had been in a relationship and was all about football and his career.

His father never takes responsibility for what he did to his son in college and for why their relationship is the way it is. But then we get explosive sparks when a few kisses are exchanged and these boys decide they can handle a sexual relationship with their fake one and we finally get fireworks. Don't forget to confirm subscription in your email.

He's very much a virgin in other area's. Matt and Noah were super sweet and hot together and had great chemistry. But Matt pushed on and broke down all his barriers.

They met at Noah's

Then we get sparks of flirtation when Noah lets Matt know he has no problem helping him release some of that tension sexually. This was a great addition to this series and I am looking forward to the next one.

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Noah had a lot of issues trusting. He didn't think he could find his person after what happened to him in college.

They met at Noah's when he was having a party but really don't know each other all that well. He just wants to play football and doesn't want to have to defend his sexual orientation. First we get angry sparks with Matt being a bit standoffish and angry for the turn his life has taken.

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Maddox and Matt were college roommates and had a bit of a fling and Noah is one of Damian's best friends. Matt refuses to go there and wants to keep it all business even if he can't help but find Noah attractive. Noah agreed to this relationship to stick it to his politician father who has done some really shady stuff to his son to keep him in line in order to keep their perfect family image intact. He never thought he could have both, but being with Noah showed him that he could.

They gave each other their past and eventually they give each other their future. But continue to follow it. His parents want nothing to do with their son but have no problem taking the money he sends every month to help take care of his five siblings that he's not allowed to have contact with. We met both men in the previous book, Faking It. Like I said before, the chemistry was strong with these two.