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Team Teddy matchup where she distracted Ryder, costing him and Team Teddy the match.

Basically what happened was, I got taken to detention, which looked a lot like a jail cell, escaped through the sewer pipes, and found my way back to class. We met a large red John Cena monster, and a John Cena knight appeared out of nowhere and I helped him slay the beast. Eve made it to the semi-finals, before being defeated by the eventual winner, Maryse.

Unfortunately, he got the pin and I was dead. Eve won the match and the job. Cena overheard her revelation and scorned her as she begged for forgiveness. After injuring Ryder, he turned his attention to Eve, and tried to attack her until he was stopped by Cena. Eve threatened Booker T that she would tell the Board of Directors about his discriminatory hiring practices and was given a match against Kaitlyn the following week.

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Later that night, she accompanied Ryder to the ring for the Team Johnny vs. Many times the biggest weight you can lift is the burden of stress. Cena told us we all had to go on a field trip, which happened to be in the sewer. After the match, they both shook hands. He slaps your notes into a puddle.

Later that night she