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This was definitely not John Woo, but I was reminded of the Professional Besson does have writing credits. The straight-faced outrageousness is part of the film's charm, while the stripped down aesthetic, driving pace, and impressive action sequences are the film's charge. Urban ills are pretty much the same worldwide.

But it's the very Frenchness of the film that makes it amusant. This action film from Luc Besson's B-movie factory is one of his best. Andy Dede as Hassan's Friend. Cyril may seem familiar to fans of the action genre.

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Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Inside these walls its a veritable jungle, with the strongest and ofter most corrupt ruling. In this improbable situation vicious thugs become heroes, of sorts, by thwarting police efforts.

David Belle Cyril Raffaelli. Patrick Medioni as Le caissier.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trivia David Belle didn't practice all his parkour stunts. The first two sections of the movie contain the character development, while the last section handles the plot. There are other movies like most of Jackie Chan's movies that have similar endings.

Christian Sinniger as Commander. After fighting their way to the building, Damien calls his contact to receive the deactivation code. However, their efforts so far have failed to do so.

Posing as a prisoner, Damien infiltrates the district to disarm the bomb. Three years later, the district has become overrun with gangs. This opening sequence involves a lot of running at full speed and some fighting inside, outside and on top of an apartment building. The movie was definitely enjoyable, cake mania 3 full game yet lacking much of a story or a finale.

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Unleashed and the Transporter. In both films crooked police elements are out to destroy criminal gangs in the city to increase their control, and are willing to sacrifice innocent people to accomplish these ends. James Deano as Karl le Skin. Patrick Steltzer as General.

This is the first action movie in which bombs serve a humanitarian end. If you've seen the first movie, you've seen enough. Lannick Gautry as Cool Friend.

No one in their right mind would want to live in this place, and if you did you'd need advanced skills in martial arts and some high caliber weapons to survive from one day to the next. Adrenaline-filled, high-flying and brutal. Philippe Torreton as French President. He has been in numerous actions flicks as well, staring in Kiss of the Dragon and as a stunt man in the Transporter and Brotherhood of the Wolf.

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How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Silly action with phony-looking stunts. Even though Bibi Naceri co-wrote the script, he still had to audition for the part of Taha along with other actors.

Ultimatum in the post-production stages. Presented by Microsoft Surface. Taha Bemamud as Larbi Naceri.

Marc Andreoni as Carlos Montoya. But, the sequel is a bit of a let down as the stunts seem repetitive after the first flick. Six months later, undercover policeman Damien Tomaso completes a successful operation at a casino in Paris.

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As minute testosterone binges go, you could do a whole lot worse. He follows order and does whatever is necessary within the law to get the job done. It is some Euro-Asian fusion of martial arts and running. Ultimatum Brick Mansions Freerunner Tracers. The French government has erected giant walls around the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods.

Ludovic Berthillot as Le gros mercenaire. It seems to be some improvisational running, where you figure out ways to get around things. This tale of conspiracy and corruption, directed with adrenalized pleasure by Patrick Alessandrin and written by a reinvigorated Luc Besson, has a brain. Brick Mansions is an English-language remake of the film. Police checkpoints stop anybody going in or out.

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This second installment was directed by Patrick Alessandrin but initially gestated from the vision of writer-producer Luc Besson, also responsible for scripting and producing the first go-round. Dominuque Dorol as Cerbere Taha. Pierre-Marie Mosconi as Roland.