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It is not necessary to give up a full-time job in order to study via correspondence. Those students who missed their studies or are unable to get a better job can attend Degree One Sitting degree Program and get one Sitting Degree. Students can study from home. It gives students the opportunity to work and study at the same time.

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Distance Education is an idea whose time has come because of its large benefits. The path we have set ourselves upon so successfully is full of new challenges and new excitements. At an undergraduate level, distance learning usually means students engaging with learning materials at home or work. Distance Education offers a number of benefits such as learning on your own schedule, achieving your academic goals while working full time. We have affiliations with different regional and international universities of repute.

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It is also termed as distance learning. The Program was firstof- its-kind in India, aimed at equipping students and working professionals with cutting-edge knowledge in contemporary areas of finance. It becomes tough for an individual to decide whether to opt for a distance education or not, given their work status. The students from rural areas easily get the chance to study with this mode of education in India and other nearby countries. It increases access to education.

We follow regulatory functions and keep track of some banal institutes that proliferate across the nation. The value about distance learning has often been raising eyebrows at. Students can choose from a wider variety of courses, as they are not limited to courses that are offered by institutions that are situated within travelling distance.

The distance education programs are administered through its own study centers spread across the various districts of Rajasthan. The course structure is developed by highly qualified faculty members with education cum- industry experience. Therefore, we bring you the chance to explore the course of your interest without having to leave your job or business. Our quest to grow and impart higher education remains eternal. We always try to build a confidence in our students and boost them up from time to time.