Dating sites for nigerian men

Dating sites for nigerian men

Saying that Nigerian women are enthusiastic lovers is a complete and total understatement. Women living in the North, for example, will be followers of the Islamic faith and it's rare to see a female Nigerian Muslim any further than a few feet from her husband.

Women here are also extremely religious, so you will be expected to go to the church or mosque with her. This income gap is one of the reasons why so many Beautiful Nigerian girls go looking outside their own country for a mate. Somebody, and as soon as they possibly can. Nothing weird there, but something you need to be aware of.

So they'll lie to their wife or girlfriend and think nothing of it. This is also a test of how committed you are to the relationship, so play along even if the idea of being inside a religious building gives you the creeps. Normally, that means they expect that you are willing to be a leader within the family and the breadwinner. Nigerian women know that would never happen to her in North America or Europe - the guy would wind up in jail, where he belongs. Nigerian guys cheat a lot too.

That's even if women back home think you're a total ass-hat. In fact, they view how most Western women particularly feminists behave as disgusting. So she knows that Western guys are looking for women who are happy to have normal gender roles in their relationship. Compared to your typical Nigerian guy, you are a paragon of virtue and responsibility. Another reason Nigerian women want to date foreign men is because of their status in their own country.

Clubbing, excessive partying, alcohol is considered highly indecent for a Nigerian wife while the white woman considers them a sort of get-away. Not all of them, but domestic violence is a serious issue in Nigeria. Oh and Nigerian men focus on pleasing themselves when it comes to intimacy, whereas women here know that Western men want the woman to get just as much pleasure as they do.

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In the South Nigerian women are a bit more liberated and with a massive divorce rate in the country you'll find that the vast majority of single Nigerian women are very interested in becoming Mrs. So, where Western women view being a housewife as having failed in life, Nigerian women see it as being perfectly normal.

Her faith also means she's not quick to jump into bed with guys. The average Nigerian man believes in a family and the men are expected to take up all the bills at home. It's so bad that police often turn a blind eye to it. Behaviour You'll find that the appearance and behavior of Nigerian women will depend on what part of the country they live in.

Not all of them but domestic

The simple Nigerian girl is willing to submit and be a real wife to an African man, by so doing she enjoys unhindered love and lavish that she initially never bargained for. Family and community are very important to her, to the extent that her family and friends will drop by without warning. Nigerian women have also noticed how completely messed up Western relationships are - men don't know their role anymore, or are being told what their role is by women. Most Nigerian brides will usually be pretty conservative by the standards of the United States and Europe and they will also usually expect that you fulfill the traditional male role.

What they do all have in common are their curves - that big booty comes naturally, contrasted by a tiny waistline and enough cleavage for any man to handle. Yup, because if her parents are religious they'll want their daughter to date a guy who respects her faith. Nigerian women - because of their traditional values - are basically a better match for most North American and European guys than any single chick they'll find at home. Women here, as a whole, view dating a white guy as an achievement.

So, your average Nigerian girl looks at wealthy people around her and wants to emulate that. Urban women also tend to be very well educated, but poorer girls from smaller towns and villages won't be. African men in general see the women as a helper who they have to love, pamper and dominate and they want her to remain thus, not another bread winner or some sort of competition. It's overflowing with oil, and the rampant corruption in the country ensures that money flows in one direction - to the wealthy people and their cronies. It seems very simple until you are involved in a relationship, so take some time to understand the culture before you get serious about a sexy African girl.

This takes some getting used to. These are women who want you to be a man, and let them be the woman. They have the same opinion of any Nigerian girls who party, get drunk and pass out like so many Western women do. On the subject of family, your typical Nigerian girl believes in taking care of her man and her home. You're a prize because of your skin color, but also what that represents - stability, safety, respect and fidelity.

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