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After passing lots of deserted beaches

One kilometre south-east of here or metres from the end of the track at Langass Lodge are the remains of a stone circle, Pobull Fhinn. There are some of the Callanish group of stones just above the bridge, Dun Bharabhat and a restored Norse Mill.

Keep an eye out for tours and talks all year round. There's also a track south from Bornish leading to a standing stone. Just before you reach Newtonferry is Loch an Sticir.

Writing in JohnLegend has it that these mark

Writing in John Stewart suggested that brochs were forts put up by a military society to scan and protect the countryside and seas. Legend has it that these mark the graves of spies who were buried alive. After passing lots of deserted beaches all the way up the west coast, you might care to stop at this one, Traigh Iar or Nisabost just before you reach Horgabost. Brochs are the most spectacular of a complex class of roundhouse buildings found throughout Atlantic Scotland. This is an entertaining and interactive museum with a range of activities for visitors set amongst the breathtakingly huge coal cutting machines that were once in use in the mines here.

Antiquarians began to use the spelling broch in the s. Carved gravestones were found near the chapel. The evidence for this assertion is still fairly scanty, although excavations at Dun Bharabhat, Lewis, may support it.

Brochs are the most spectacular of

Robert Pollock has details and diagrams. Photo reproduced by kind permission of Paul Warrener. It has been found in some Shetland brochs that guard cells in entrance passageways are close to large door-check stones. Robert Pollock has produced an excellent guide with diagrams covering the stone circle and also a standing stone.

Two standing stones can be found in the west at Totronald. As you enter the broch, look for the cavity on the right.

If you drive to Tolsta at the end of the B north of Stornoway, you will reach a nice beach. This view contrasted, for example, with that of Sir W. Check with the Tourist Office when you get there to make sure of access. There are differences between the various areas in which brochs are found, with regard to position, dimensions and likely status.

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