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As a musician myself, I realized that I am engaged in the same spiritual journey that Einar made when he founded Wardruna. The piece is written for the th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, and will be performed at Eidsivablot. Likewise, the Gods were viewed as entities emanating from nature.

It is in this mindset that Einar Selvik founded Wardruna. It was taking place in an old Chapel that had been converted into an events room, so it had beautiful columns and a nice long reverb. In fact, the runes were used as a writing system, while at the same time being related to a specific proverb or poem. Thus, historians are having a hard time sorting the truth from the tales.

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In contrast to the majority of the big monotheistic religions, Old Norvegian spirituality did not claim to possess the absolute truth about everything. For example, it is said that some Vikings were Christians when they were on earth but would revert to worshipping Thor when they were on their ship.

Selvik shared with us how he reinterpreted the old Nordic polytheistic spirituality to create Wardruna. Every rune had many meanings, all of them related to nature. Lately, I have been looking for a way to reconnect with my identity and my ancestors, so that my music can carry another level of meaning. In other words, it is the moment where the cycle of the worlds resets. Like a forest fire makes place to new growth, the old world dies to build a newer, better one.

Norway Dating, Norway Singles, Norway Personals

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Like the old Vikings, we tend to consider our spirituality as a big melting-pot where we get to choose to include what resonates with us. Today I wanted to write about an event I attended a few days ago, which left me so inspired. According to Einar Selvik, this explains why the Vikings adopted Christianity easily.

Rather, they saw time as being a big never-ending cycle. In fact, Ragnarok is not about a big doomsday battle, but more about a new beginning. This means that if you lived in a particular region, you would believe in the god of the near mountain, or river, or else.

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So if you work with rune magic, it is better to consider the books about them more like interpretations than truth. Photos Selvik Sogn og Fjordane Fylke Norway Today, Norwegian Dating has shattered geographical barriers to offer Norwegian singles an entire world of singles for a diversified dating experience.

Then, he demonstrated his instruments and performed three songs. In light of this they will reflect on themselves as a people and nation. The concert is part of the annual Trondheim Viking Market and tickets are available now through Aftermath Music. Everything is a Cycle Einar Selvik talked about the cyclic point of view of the proto-Norwegians.

Since everything for the proto-Norwegians had a spirit, we can assume that the runes too had their own essence. This idea implies that the proto-Norvegian belief system was not exclusive. For example, he told us that for the rune Isa, which means ice, he decided to use ice-percussions from glaciers dating back to the last ice age. Like many polytheistic religions, the proto-Norwegians believed that every tree, every rock and every being had a sacred essence, or in other words, a soul. It will be a Wardruna concert in an all-new form.