Dating for atheists

Dating for atheists

In the end, no amount of excuses I could come up with could stand up- and I had the horrible task of having to tell him that I was ending our engagement and why. In fact, this practice is becoming so common that it no longer seems controversial.

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We talked for hours- the conversation turning more and more to Jesus until our relationship wasn't the issue at all. EliteSingles is, without doubt, the place you turn to find lasting love and a compatible match.

He told me that he believed when we met and started dating. At EliteSingles, our members are mature, intelligent and eligible, and our matchmaking system will pair you with potential partners who are truly compatible. They're certainly things to think and pray about. And this is not the only underlying assumption.

The EliteSingles advice section has great tips on taking your relationship offline and into the real world. For example, I'd think that a liberal Christian would have more shared values with a liberal atheist than he or she would with an evangelical fundamentalist Christian. You may actually be showing her that it's not a big deal being a Christian. The appeal of short cuts is understandable.

My husband grew up in a Christian family. If it's ok with you then she's not going to be in any real hurry to change her mind.

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On the surface, there really isn't anything wrong with that. Life has been very hard for us at times- and we simply would never have made it without a shared faith. If I hadn't, though, we'd never had talked and he may very well not have become a Christian. Being saved isn't going to be high on her agenda. He may have a woman who can truly be your equal- who will strengthen and support you in ways a non- believer can't.

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Breaking off that engagement was harder than you'll believe. To cut a long story short, although he had Christian parents, they'd never really told him the gospel. My most rewarding relationships have been with Christians.

Maybe something like this would be the wake up call she needs. While religion was often an issue, it was not always one that was impossible to resolve. Just because Atheist Passions is the only one I've heard of does not mean that there are not others. As Katautumn says, you may not think so now but you may get dragged down over the years.

If she accepts your faith and you accept and don't mind her lack of faith, then faith isn't really as important as you'd like her to believe. In fact, I suspect many of us could relate. Now, my story sounds like a nice Christian fairytale ending but it doesn't mean it's been easy. He was fascinated- and in the end wanted Jesus himself.

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It may be that you'll break up and that will be that. And I am reasonably confident that I would have more in common with many politically progressive Christians than some conservative atheists. One day she may resent you going to church every week or being involved in other things. Once you complete our simple registration process you can start meeting our wealth of great atheist singles.

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